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(CUC) — The Commonwealth Utilities Corp. has scheduled power interruptions on the following dates, times and locations:

Thursday, Jan. 9

3 6 p.m.

• Outage type: Sectionalized feeder outage on the Feeder I and Kiya 3 distribution circuits

• Village location: China Town and Gualo Rai

• Power service areas affected: China Town, Garapan, Upper Gualo Rai and Gualo Rai Middle Road

• Water facilities affected: As Falape Booster and GR Wells

• Water service area(s) affected for the following areas: As Falape and Gualo Rai areas

• Wastewater facility affected: GR- l Lift Station

Saturday, Jan. 11 and 18

6 a.m. to 11 a.m.

• Outage type: Sectionalized feeder outage on the Feeder 7 distribution circuit

• Village location: Lower Base

• Power service areas affected: Tanapag, San Roque, As Matuis, Marpi

• Water facilities affected: All MQ wells

• Water service areas affected: San Roque, As Matuis, San Roque, Achugao and Lower Base

• Wastewater service area(s) affected: SR-I, SR-2, SR-3, T-1, T-3

The purpose of the scheduled power interruptions is to de-energize utility lines such that CUC linemen are able to safely conduct maintenance of the power distribution system and construct a new overhead power distribution line. The new power distribution line will serve as a power delivery point from the impending Aggreko power station to the CUC electric power grid. Because of the scale of work that will be performed, CUC asks travelers to take alternate routes or to exercise caution when driving through the working area.

For more information, contact the CUC Customer Call Center at 664-4282 or monitor its Facebook page for the latest updates (

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