Saipan Community School’s September students of the month

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(SCS) — Every month, Saipan Community School recognizes nine students, one per grade level, for outstanding character displayed at school during the month of September 2020.

Kindergarten: Gabriel Cook

Gabriel Cook brightens our class with his sensitivity, contentment, and love. He is always kind to others and looks out for those around him.


1st Grade: Amethyst Winkfield

Amethyst shows love to everyone. She has self-control beyond her years. She is extremely dependable. She is always listening and there to help wherever she is needed. 1 Corinthians 13:3. Self-Control, Galatians 5:24-25. Dependability, Psalm 15:4.


2nd Grade: Iyani Muna

Iyani works hard to complete each task with perseverance, attentiveness, and diligence even during distance learning when it can be challenging. She is always eager to contribute during lessons and discussions and is a leader in the classroom. 


3rd Grade: Micaela Tenorio

Micaela is a positive role model who was selected from among her peers citing the following: she always listens and pays attention, she follows Covid-19 guidelines at school, she controls her behavior and works hard, and she always finishes her classwork and homework.


4th Grade: Michelle Li Chen

Michelle is always attentive and willing to participate in class. She is a role model of honesty and diligence for her peers and sets the standard for excellence in the classroom. She is always respectful to her Teacher and her classmates.


5th Grade: Jose Sablan

Jose shows kindness and respect for all of his classmates. He is diligent in class and in his online coursework. He is always willing to help, and asks questions when he needs clarification.


6th Grade: Celine Park

Celine is consistently punctual, in all aspects of her day. She is determined to perform excellently on all work that she is given to complete and displays great enthusiasm about learning. 


7th Grade: Timothy Haynes

Timothy is working very diligently on all of his assignments and goes above and beyond, to track his assignments and ensure he doesn't miss any of his work. He is always the first to step up to help his classmates with technology issues in the classroom, and has proven to be a responsible leader.


8th Grade: Soledad Sablan

Soledad is  a great example for her classmates, the Jr. High, and the entire school. She has shown determination to be of help to her classmates, and everyone around her. Her openness to new ideas and other students have created a spectacular class environment.

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