CHCC and PSS host school-based immunization outreach

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(CHCC) — The Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. and the Public School System are conducting a school-based vaccination outreach for children to be brought up to date with recommended immunizations.

According to the CHCC Immunization Program, the  immunization coverage for school aged children in School Year 2019-2020, more than 800 of the children are at risk of getting a vaccine preventable disease.


The dates and location of the school-based immunization outreach are as follows:


July 28, 2020 

GTC Elementary School & Tanapag Middle School


July 29, 2020 

Garapan Elementary School


July 30, 2020 

Koblerville Elementary School


August 4, 2020           

Koblerville Elementary School


August 5, 2020           

Marianas High School


August 6, 2020           

Marianas High School


August 11, 2020         

Marianas High School


August 12, 2020         

Oleai Elementary School


August 13, 2020         

Saipan Southern High School


August 18, 2020         

Saipan Southern High School


August 19, 2020         

San Vicente Elementary School


August 20, 2020        

Dandan Middle School


August 25, 2020         

FMS Middle School


August 26, 2020         

WSR Elementary School


August 27, 2020         

Kagman High School


September 1, 2020     

Kagman Elementary School


September 2, 2020     

Chacha Oceanview Middle School


September 3, 2020     

Hopwood Middle School


Who is the immunization outreach for?


At this time, this outreach is available for students who need an update with their immunizations and by appointment only.


Immunization outreach appointment process


If your child needs an update with recommended immunizations, your child’s school will contact you via email if your child needs an updated immunization.


1) Bring your child to the School Outreach Site on the scheduled day.


2) Pay $5 for a School Health Certificate

o  Make a payment at the School Outreach Site or

o  Make a secured payment online at


3) Fill out a Health Certificate Authorization Release form to release your child’s School Health Certificate to their respective school. Authorization for Health Certificate Release form:


4)  Children need to be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.


5)  The School Health Certificate will be sent directly to your child’s school within seven business days of the appointment. The CHCC Immunization Program will print and provide updated health certificates directly to your child’s school for their enrollment requirements.


How can I find out if my child is up to date?


To find out if your child is up to date with their vaccines please call the Immunization Program at 236- 8745/2130 or your child’s school.


My child is up to date with vaccines, what if they only need a School Health Certificate?


If your child is up to date and only needs a School Health Certificate, please pay the fee and fill out an authorization form releasing your child’s School Health Certificate to their respective school.



  • Fill out the Authorization for Health Certificate Release form here:


For frequently asked questions about the immunization outreach, please visit:


As a reminder, it is essential for everyone in the community to continue to practice good hand-hygiene, wear a face-covering, social distancing, and limit time spent in public places as much as possible.


Practice the 3 W’s - Wash your hands. Watch your distance. Wear a face covering.


  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water, avoid touching your face, cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your sleeve.


  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and water are not readily available.


  • Practice social distancing, which means avoiding close contact with people in order to avoid catching the virus yourself and to avoid passing it on to others.



For more information about which vaccine your child needs from birth to 18 years old please visit


The CHCC Immunization Program is located next to the CHCC Dental Clinic on the main Navy Hill campus. The Immunization Program can be contacted at 236-8745, and is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday.


For more information about its programs, follow CHCC on Facebook and Twitter at @cnmichcc, check out its website at or call 234-8950.


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