The rich and the privileged only?

Letters to Editor
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TELL me a good reason why you as a corporate guy or a CEO is more important than a homeless guy?

Every time we have a crisis, whether it’s the financial crash in 2008 or the FEMA overtime checks, why do you guys think you deserve better than families living in tents?

How important are you than our families living in tents or those who are totally homeless? Give me a good reason why you’re so important than these poor families today.

I think it's pathetic that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer because of dirty stinky politicians.

It's shameful behavior if you think about the double standards of living today. Where is the fairness in this coronavirus era?

In fact, a lot of families who were neglected in the tornadoes, typhoons or the super wild fires are still suffering and struggling today.

I notice that CEO's are crying foul right now with this coronavirus financial disaster but what about the poor families who have been ignored and neglected?

What is so important about your banks or corporations? What about the poor families?

The reason there was a delay in this $2 trillion relief package is because Senate Democrats wanted oversight on where the funds are going.

Too quick to help CEO's and their mega corporations but too slow to address the needs of ordinary families. This is absurd.

It's a good thing Senate Democrats wanted to look at this Republican bill because it caters again to the top 10% rich CEO’s.

It just tells us how stupid our policies are today. Very very stupid if you ask me, a CNMI civics writer.

The coronavirus has exposed real corruption in our state and federal governments today.

When are we going to learn from the toxic loans that ruined families in the bailout of CEO bankers following the 2008 financial crisis?

While corporations and organizations pocketed all the money more families became homeless in 2008.

Despite all the natural disasters that have destroyed the lives of families, corporations still think they are more important than ordinary folks. Unbelievable.

Nothing but greed, waste, fraud and corruption. It's sad.

This unfair behavior is a cancer in almost every government all over the world today folks.

These corporations and CEO's think they are smarter than us. Very very pathetic folks.

So I'm a controversial U.S.-CNMI civics writer and I will continue to tell it like it is and articulate the real truth today.

In my opinion I want to see all these CEOs on the frontline helping patients and families for a change, really.

In closing, we all hope and pray that we have all the tools and resources for our frontline workers. We have a job to do folks.

We are all created equal in the eyes of God, and that's the truth folks. Amen.

Portland, Oregon

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