The uncertainty we face today in a lockdown era

Letters to Editor
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IT'S hard to imagine life without assurances. Today’s “stay-home lockdown” feels like we are a prisoner of our own failures.

Some of our top medical experts warned lawmakers about potential failures and the need to be prepared.

But politicians are denying the truth. They are not saying what could have been done or what could have been planned decades ago to protect the general public from this coronavirus disaster today.

Politicians are not doing their job which is to listen to our medical experts. Instead they are accusing the press corps of reporting fake news. It's a total disaster on the part of arrogant politicians today.

These politicians like to use the word “exaggeration” to describe the truth and cover up their own reckless actions and corruption.

In a world where corporations, CEO's and politicians call the shots, reporting the truth is a challenge.

Who do we blame today? Our medical experts, the U.S. press corps or the politicians themselves? Or maybe the voters themselves huh?

Thanks to all these crafty right-wing or left-wings organizations and lobbyists in Washington, D.C. today we are in big trouble financially and worldwide. It's the reality we lived in today where corporations and organizations and lawmakers rule.

Ignoring medical experts, scientists or our U.S. press corps members is an invitation to a much worse situation. Who do we blame?

So much for these elite players who think that greed comes first and that we must normalize waste, fraud and corruption today.

I took a Civics or Problems of Democracy class so I can learn about and expose these types of disasters we face today, and to tell it like it is to world leaders.

So we have to practice and enforce kindness because that's what experts want us to do today in the midst of the disasters we're faced with. It's so deceiving folks.

So as clueless as these crafty experts are today we have to enforce kindness anyway because they want to minimize the fears we are facing today. It's a big lie.

I'll be skeptical for the foreseeable future if you think I will believe all these politicians and so-called experts who are feeding us with lies.

And they can do it because they are connected to the elite today and we are clueless because we are individuals and they are the experts.

When these crafty experts, corporations, organizations and the well-connected dismiss the truth to push for their own propaganda then how safe are we today folks?

How truthful or dishonest can it be for us as humans? How do we trust both sides if one party is trying to control the news today?

How do we as families or individuals distinguish facts from fiction or lies from truthfulness as these experts fight for power and control?

This is crazy and insane folks because today our lives are endangered. We all could perish if we're not informed today in this predicament we’re in now.

When corporations and organizations or politicians think of themselves as rulers of this world that is misconduct in office.

They are not telling the truth and the outcome of their lies is totally unacceptable to us.

Whether your perception is true or false, you better hope for the best outcome because it's your family you have to protect every day.

In closing, this egocentrism and sociocentrism we face today should be analyzed based on the universal truth and not on some guys’ handheld computers.

Only God knows.

Portland, Oregon

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