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ALL world leaders now have a clear idea who God is, right folks? They know God is not joking around. In light of this coronavirus all world leaders should know that God is a no-nonsense King of the Universe.

United we stand, united we live to see another day, but divided we fight, and we all die together.

Imagine, a powerful tidal wave in the Pacific that is bigger than China and United States, wiping out all humanity.

God wants world leaders to treat His people with dignity.

All these stupid wars will come to a screeching halt as this deadly coronavirus spreads all over the world.

Crafty world leaders can talk tough but God has the big mega super-duper deadly silent “bomb” that can wipe out civilization.

For once in your lives, world leaders must at least come clean and be honest with yourselves.

A tiny canoe is sailing empty in the deep Pacific Ocean because a tidal wave flipped the canoe. The captain of the canoe cannot be found with the rest of his passengers. No one survived except for the canoe.

My analogy is simple. If you think you’re going to prey on poor families think again.

Let's take China where a lot of people are killed for their organs. In the United States, children are locked up in filthy cages like animals.

Let's not forget what Syria and Russian are doing in Aleppo or Crimea. War refugees, including children, are running away from the bombs and the atrocities.

Close to half a million families have been displaced and the United Nation cannot help them.

In Hong Kong, the protest actions came to a screeching halt because of the coronavirus.

Iran or Saudi Arabia can talk tough all they want but they're no match to God's destructive force.

As a CNMI civics writer I can speak to truth and power in how judges and lawyers took $7.4 million from my mother’s estate years ago.

Tell me you love money and I'll tell you it’s not your money: it's God's money

So what are we doing to families today? Why can't we be honest and do what is required of us by God almighty?

Greed hurts and destroys low-income families.

Do world leaders think this Earth is theirs and that they can abuse all of God's children's?

Do you ever wonder why this coronavirus happened?

Why did they dig up my grandma's bones for a lousy casino? Result? Super powerful mega typhoons. Karma's revenge.

When my Chinese-American wife was abducted by Oregon health authorities I was mad as hell. I am still mad.

I was told by county staff that I cannot use the word “kidnapped” so now I use the word “abduction.”

God, where are you? Please help us, the victims of all these clever, crafty corrupt politicians — of all these red tape, stupid laws, loopholes and lies all over the world.

When you lawmakers put your hands on the Bible you promised to uphold the law. But I know you all lied.

In the United States, the homeless are used for numbers and statistics so that CEO’s of organizations can get millions in federal dollars while doing nothing to help families today.

Meanwhile, U.S. politicians continue to ignore the out-of-control, nationwide homeless problem. Tell me if I’m wrong.

A new day is coming, a day of reckoning, so let's start treating our human families with dignity and respect, please.

Portland, Oregon

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