Illusion or a real nightmare?

Letters to Editor
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THE financial disaster facing the U.S., the CNMI and others is a reality check on world leaders. God has spoken clearly with this coronavirus.

Imagine the magnitude of this deadly coronavirus. It's scary and people are dying as we scramble for a vaccine.

I'm not sure if you're not scared but as far as I'm concerned we all will eventually die one way or another. God will call our number whether we like it or not.

I work in a crowded place and my psyche is telling me that anything can happen to me. If I get infected with coronavirus then so be it. Get it over with. If I survive then I will thank God. If I die I will thank God too for my precious time on this planet Earth. It's just a reality that we cannot control. We cannot predict the future down the road for us all.

Even Wall Street hedge fund CEO's or bankers are freaking out because this financial meltdown is affecting every country.

Airlines are not booking any flights out of China or Asia Pacific, and they are cancelling a lot of sports activities.

Even the Olympics in Japan is looking very bleak for athletes who really want to compete. It remains to be seen if any of the world’s Olympians will get the green light to go to Japan as airlines discontinue travel to most countries.

Welcome to the survival island of Saipan. I thought it was a fantasy island that is raining with Chinese or American moola but the money has dried up.

It's time for CNMI lawmakers to look themselves in the mirror and ask themselves this question: Can we weather this dire financial disaster?

Can you bridle your tongue when your heart is under pressure? Politicians can say the darndest things to express their own reason but they are scared too by this deadly coronavirus.

When government officials withhold real numbers of human loss in this staggering and deadly coronavirus outbreak it's because they want to avoid a backlash from their people.

It's not right to say that China alone is not really being honest. Even the United States of America is scrambling to get a real count on the dead and those who are infected but the feds do a better job than China.

My heart is telling me that in China alone it's widespread. China tried to silence a doctor who has already died.

Either way, China still don't want to be upfront with the United States or the United Nations on the real number of people who have died. This is wrong.

We haven't recovered yet from the super typhoons that totally crippled the CNMI economy and now this coronavirus has just added more problems.

I'm not surprised that some public officials are telling us the truth about their concerns while others are tight-lipped about CNMI recovery.

The CNMI is broke so just tell it like it is. People can be told the truth. Don’t withhold the truth to our people so they can be prepared.

Welcome to the survival islands of Marianas where the local GOP helped themselves to the FEMA millions following a typhoon fiesta.

Don't even pretend that the CNMI is in recovery mode because it never brought relief to families and students who still live in tents.

In closing, this is my message to all families in the CNMI: this is not the time to do nothing. It's time to go farming, fishing or hunting to provide for our families.

May God Bless our families.

Portland, Oregon

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