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WHEN I was forced into a behavioral healthcare clinic in Portland to undergo a family crisis treatment therapy, I did it to have access to my wife, but I was totally ignored.

The clinic’s CEO also totally ignored my family-case worker and clinician who was trying her best to reunite me with my wife. She quit her job.

I have studied this massive corruption cover-up for over seven years now.

I have also investigated Oregon state mental health organizations, and the chilling truth is they all cover up corruption in the state.

My job as a U.S.-CNMI college student journalist is not only to protect my wife’s mental health and ensure her treatment, but also to protect her from abuses.

Each year, about four million Americans are forced into mental health treatment, and it seems that the clinics’ bottom-line is the only thing that matters to greedy elites.

The misuse of psychological evaluation is forced upon patients like my wife. But I'm not an intern who hasn’t learn yet what dishonesty is.

No oversight, no nothing. In fact the state and county staffer thinks I'm not aware of their greed and their lies.

Some of these staff actually think they are smarter than me and that every mental health patient's family member is a horrible person.

The state and county psychologists not only misdiagnosed a patient's medical treatment, but it's their bottom-line only that they prioritize to inflate their company’s profits.

They forgot that I've been with my dermatologists for 20 years and I know the system inside-out. It's disturbing and appalling.

They look down on you like you’re uneducated and poor but they have no clue they abducted the wife of a U.S.-CNMI journalist, a journeyman and a freelancer.

I've seen the most uneducated and judgmental staffers in the mental health department. They cannot even pronounce my name correctly.

They don't want me to monitor my wife because I might catch them changing my wife’s meds.

Imagine your own family staff counselor quitting her job because she is blocked by her boss to do her job effectively.

Guys, profits come first huh?

I have to call 911 and Portland police to report these abuses. I have to share my story with an FBI agent. I am abiding by the rules but they’re complicated.

On June 17 2017, an Oregon State Hospital social worker begged me to convince my wife to sign her chest x-ray paperwork and then they (secretly) inserted Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act or HIPPA paperwork.

They never told me my wife was going to sign HIPPA paperwork.

They violated my wife’s civil rights. They disregarded our "release of information" authorization that me and my wife signed twice in Portland and Salem. This is abuse of power.

So I went to a family court and demanded that I have access to my wife. The judge told these healthcare organizations to look into my complaints, but they ignored the judge.

They cover it up because money is their #1 motive. I am furious that they are still doing this to Oregon families.

My professor told me I have to work for the U.S.-CNMI people to protect our rights, freedom and our U.S. Constitution.

But healthcare authorities look at me as the bad guy because I am trying to monitor my wife’s well-being.

To human rights watchers — you’re not alone in the fight against corruption. I stand with you.

Mental health doctors should do their jobs morally and ethically.

We're talking about Oregon’s image and reputation.

Its healthcare organizations cannot cover up my journals and the findings of my investigation.

It's my responsibility and obligation to protect our U.S. Constitution whether you like it or not. It's my job and duty.

In closing, we only live once to meet our obligations to our families so please do your jobs.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

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