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IT'S so condescending that Oregon authorities cry foul about the federal government but they won't acknowledge that Oregon authorities have abducted my wife four years ago.

It's always about power and control to mislead the voters. Lying is a powerful tool for both parties. 

Whether you're a Republican or Democrat you’re in it to win for your party. That is the ultimate goal.

When I see the Oregon Democrats complain about federal troops sent by a Republican president I see it as karma.

I have Republican and Democrat family members and I never let politics get in the way of our respectful and special relationship.

I used to be a Republican and then a Democrat. I’m now an independent swing voter because I don't trust both parties.

I will vote for the less evil and less destructive party as long as it doesn’t harm all Americans.

When you see families become victims of their government’s corruption you don't condone it; you stand up and fight for justice. It's your duty.

But no matter what, both parties will always lie and cover up their corruption. It's their agenda and their propaganda.

The least evil is better but I would never agree to that kind of ideology because my grandma and dad are traditional natural healers and I chose to be a moral civics writer to fight government corruption and cover ups.

My point is simple: to be of service to God and humanity; to help others like what my grandma and dad did when they healed sick individuals.

As my dad once said, we're all humans with families and dignity; we need to help each other out.

When I see Republicans block the Democrats’ bill to address Russia interference in our elections, I know it's all about dirty policies and politics.

Senator McConnell won't allow the bill on the Senate floor because the GOP’s dirty strategy is to win this November. They have already lost the House so they are going to do anything to win the Senate at any cost. It's their GOP master plan, folks.

The Oregon Democrats on the other hand are allowing protests and riots to destroy our city and its businesses to win votes. That’s their master plan.

Both parties are out of their minds as they continue to abuse us the innocent people. And for what? To win in November?

These crafty clever politicians may get away with their crimes today but it's my job and duty to tell it like it is folks.

Oregon Democrats are not being honest when they abducted my wife. And let's not forget all the children who have been locked up in filthy U.S. immigration centers by the GOP.

Both parties are crafty, clever and a pain in the rear if you ask your own U.S.-CNMI journalist.

Not all politicians are evil but most of them are just totally greedy due to their immoral ideals. 

So my wife was taken from me because Oregon health authorities think they are above the law. I don't think so. Nobody is above the law.

God is my strength to keep me strong and to keep advocating for my wife’s freedom from greedy CEOs.

A Multnomah County staffer told me I cannot used the word “kidnapped” so I'm using the word “abduction.”

In closing, this coronavirus has exposed corruption all over the world, and it has spoken to all world leaders loud and clear everyday as the death count is out of control. Amen.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

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