OPINION | Who in his right mind would vote for Trump?

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2020 is the deadliest year I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime. It’s scary to learn about the human lives that are lost daily.

God is giving world leaders a deadly ultimatum: do your jobs honestly and morally — and just maybe, things will get better. But that remains to be seen today. 

Let me ask you folks a question. Do you think it's appropriate for a banker to gamble your money in Las Vegas without you the taxpayers knowing about it?

The bank regulations put in place after the global meltdown in 2008 to protect consumers have been obliterated.

And it's always the Republicans who are helping themselves by enriching their constituents and catering to big mega-corporations.

The reason they can do it is because Trump and the GOP think it will win them votes in the November  elections. Not a chance folks.

All this monkey business is nothing but waste, fraud and corruption cover-up that both parties are really good at today.

But it is the majority of Republicans who are in danger of losing their seats in the  U.S. House and Senate as well as the White House too.

I mean who in his right mind would vote for Trump? It's bad enough that Trump ignored this coronavirus from the get-go and then lied about it daily.

This is a president who is out of touch with U.S. communities.

Even the governor of the CNMI’s questionable decision to go to Fantasy Island for deer hunting is all about fun activities huh? While our people are wondering where all the money went  as families are suffering and struggling with this coronavirus like he just don't care.

The U.S. Senate Republicans are trying to distance themselves from Trump as they see the polls tilting the Democrats’ way.

So the bankers got richer as Americans families lose their jobs and healthcare insurance. It's devastating folks.

Let me remind you all about the victims of the natural disasters. Trump did a terrible job in helping out families who lost their homes to floods and super wildfire.

My evaluation and assessment of Trump’s performance is  F —  as in fatal. People are dying all over the United States and the world today.

Trump doesn't want CDC to report about the scientific data regarding the coronavirus to update us the people because it will expose the truth about all his lies.

I mean it would be like Trump telling me to stop writing my daily reports to inform our people how bad the death rate is and how it is increasing every single day.

It's bad enough that the Oregon Health Authority is teaming up with Faulkner Place to take away my wife.

As the pharmaceutical industry rakes in millions and billions of dollars, Trump has yet to clean up the swamp. Instead, he put more crocodiles in the swamp to get richer.

The bottom-line is: God is not sleeping folks and all the atrocities created by corrupt leaders around the world will be rejected by God.

America, China, Russia and the rest of the world failed to see this coronavirus coming at them.

And you all think you’re all that powerful against God? No way Jose. God is to be reckoned with in your life today even if you’re the president.

This is the time to reflect on all these world abuses or atrocities created by corrupt leaders.

When Christians normalize cheating, stealing and corruption where do we go from here because this stinks.

In closing, God may be quiet, but God is powerful and deadlier than this coronavirus pandemic.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

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