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I KIND of taken a break  due to Covid-19. My main concern is to keep a low profile in light of my mom’s and wife’s health conditions.  I just want them to have  peace of mind.

I pray for my mom, wife and all humanity every day. I want everyone to be safe in God’s almighty protection. As much as I want to write about my opinions I have to be cautious in what I say because karma exists in this dangerous world.

I also take this coronavirus very seriously because it is truly a killer  virus.

We saw how the U.S. president disregarded human lives by locking up children in U.S. immigration detention centers. It’s like how Oregon’s health authorities abducted my wife four years. My family clinicians remind me to never stop writing about my wife.

No peace and no justice. That’s what I had experienced with the Oregon health authorities when they took my wife.

 I will keep writing to expose this cover up and corruption. I will not give up fighting for my wife. I will continue to advocate for my wife and other Oregonians who have been victimized by their own state government.

Like the children who are in U.S. immigration detention centers and their parents, I am facing pain and hardship every single day because I have been separated from my loved one.

What was the point of taking my wife when I was taking good care of her? But now I can’t even visit her. This is insane.

Racist or bullies — whatever you may want to call these abusers among Oregon’s health authorities. They prey on poor and low-income families while making millions of dollars off the same people.

I don’t intend to stop fighting for my wife. I cannot let these abusers go scot-free. I want the international human rights watchers to take note on my life story as I continue to stand up and speak truth to power to hold the authorities responsible and accountable.

To be honest I am so sick and tired of trying to find a way to free my wife from Oregon’s health authorities. The lawyers I tried to hire are scared of the state government. These lawyers have no guts but they want more money.

As much as I want to talk nice and be respectful to public officials, I am a CNMI son, a journalist and a writer who has no fear and is willing to expose real corruption anywhere.

This coronavirus may be the answer I am looking for today. Oregon health authorities must now be honest to us Oregonians. The whole world is listening and watching as humans get sick or die every day.

I cannot stay quiet. I must do my job.

This is the real question though: is my wife still alive? As I’ve said, Oregon health authorities have blocked my visits to my wife and are not replying to my phone calls. I have been living in the dark, not knowing if my wife is still alive.

Some public officials will do everything in their power to withhold information to families. Politicians are still lying to us. Give me a reason why I should trust a crafty clever politician.

I may feel hopeless, helpless and powerless but God is my strength and my answer. With His help, I can finally bring my wife home. I will hold Oregon health authorities responsible and accountable if my wife dies in their custody.

I want her to be safe and sound and free from Oregon’s health authorities.

In closing, as someone whose grandma was a traditional healer and whose dad was medicine man, I will continue to fight for justice today. This is not about who is right or wrong; this is about state government corruption, cover ups and abuses. It’s Oregon at its worst.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.





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