OPINION | President Trump will not be re-elected — and it’s not because Joe Biden is a better candidate.

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AFTER watching yet another Twitter rant by the president and then looking back at history, I realized that there is little chance that Donald Trump will be re-elected as President of the United States.’

It has nothing at all to do with Joe Biden, who may be one of the weakest candidates I have seen for president in my 38 years of being eligible to vote in presidential elections.

Donald Trump became president because in 2016, he somehow tapped into what American citizens were looking for. He listened to the pulse of the nation and was able to sway enough voters to overcome the popular vote of New York and California and defeat Hillary Clinton.

There was no doubt on my mind when I went to bed after voting and then listening to results and analysis by the experts on television, that I would be waking up to a Hillary Clinton presidency. As I woke up, I was trying to figure out what else I needed to do to protect the small investments I had made as I knew with another Clinton presidency, I would be facing higher taxes, less savings and the building boom that had begun would be coming to a grinding halt. I would have to alter the way I approached business and prepare for four or more years of decline.

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in 2016. They were both less than ideal candidates, Clinton less desirable to me because she was the epitome of the ruling class that I had sworn to despise in my twenties. Trump was less so, but I couldn’t overlook his pomposity and pride. I wrote in Donald Duck as my presidential candidate and Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom as my vice presidential candidate.

Much to my shock, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in a brilliant electoral college move. The campaign gave all the electoral and popular votes of New York and California to Clinton in favor of going after the middle of the country where he swayed the vote to himself more as a “not four more years of political elitism,” than a vote of confidence for him.

What Trump got right in 2016

When American went to the voting booth in 2016, they had been subjected to 28 years of political elitism represented by career politicians. It didn’t matter what party was in power, the president was an insider, not a person of the people. President Obama was as close to an outsider as we had come, but his Chicago style of politics and progressive left lurch had left many middle Americans with a bad taste in their mouth.

Donald Trump came along and offered to “drain the swamp” and lessen the dominance of Washington D.C. from everybody who wasn’t a federal or state bureaucrat’s life. It was a burst of sunshine in a cloudy, murky political picture.

As Trump stomped on one after another of the political insiders, the enthusiasm for “finally somebody not attached at the hip to a political lobbyist” style was refreshing to Americans weary of a bunch of political elites telling us how to live our lives.

Perhaps, the biggest thing Trump got right was that as a majority, Americans are extremely tired of career politicians who write and pass legislation telling them how to live, while the career politicians refuse to apply those same rules to themselves.

The swell of opposition to a health care law that was sold as “you can keep your doctor,” but delivered something far different was huge. Opposition to the open southern border that basically told people “it’s okay to break this law” was telling Americans that some political elite was going to decide which laws “other” people could break with no consequences whatsoever.

Judicial legislation, brought into existence because career politicians are too lazy and gutless to actually pass legislation that clearly defines a law had become so burdensome, that anybody who spoke against these things became popular.

Donald Trump delivered on all of that and at the right time. Hillary Clinton’s unpopularity and her polarization of middle, blue collar America swung the direction to Donald Trump.

Trump delivered the results Middle America was looking for

Donald Trump stepped into the presidency and despite the Washington D.C. career politicians and bureaucrats doing everything legal and illegal to stop him, he began to deliver.

Trump spoke the language that the average, every day, go to work and come home and mind your own business Americans wanted to see and hear. These Americans are what I call Middle America. Middle America is not just those people in the middle of the country that coastal political elites ignore. It is everybody that just quietly goes about their business with no fan-fare or advocacy has become.

Middle America wanted the open border closed. Trump closed it. Sure there was lots of controversy, but Americans who were wondering why they too didn’t get to decide which laws to ignore delighted in seeing the numbers crossing the border illegally lessen.

Middle America wanted jobs after 20-plus years of seeing private sector jobs be cut and state and federal government jobs increased. They wanted to see a pay raise after seeing pay raises wiped out in 2010 with the Affordable Care Act increasing their medical insurance deduction in their paychecks. Trump resoundingly delivered on that too.

Middle America wanted regulatory relief after watching non-elected bureaucrats erect regulation after regulation with nobody in supposed leadership taking control and saying “enough is enough.” Trump delivered on that also.

Despite the constant drumbeat of Russian collusion, marches, more career activists shouting from the rooftop than Middle America cares about and outright bureaucratic opposition lies and leaks, Donald Trump continued to deliver.

Then President Trump did what he’s done his whole life.

The day Trump stopped listening

It wasn’t really a surprise to me the day I realized that President Trump was no longer listening. He’s done it his whole life. It’s almost like he is burdened to fail dramatically despite positioning himself with failure time after time.

When you study his career, Trump has boldly and quickly climbed every ladder he has attempted to climb. Then, as he gets stuck bragging about how awesome he is, he just as quickly falls and descends to bankruptcy and failure. Time after time, you can see this play out.

His presidency is just the latest flame out on a career built on succeeding and then getting full of himself and quickly his popularity and success evolves to the types of failure, morally and financially bankrupting the man he could have been.

It all could have been avoided if he had just done one thing. Only I don’t think he is built that way. There is a story of a king in history who reminds me very much of Donald Trump and his story is frighteningly similar. This king was King Rehoboam and he came to reign after King Solomon.

So soundly was the rejection of King Rehoboam that the entire northern region of the tribe of Israel refused to ever follow another king in the line of David.

Donald Trump’s refusal to listen has resulted in one of the worse financial downfalls America has ever seen. If President Trump had listened at the beginning of the Covid-19 disaster, he wouldn’t have stopped at his executive order to stop letting Chinese from the region of Wuhan into the country in January.

If Donald Trump had listened to Middle America, we would not have shut down the entire strength and power of American economic achievement. Instead of quarantining everybody as if we were some small European country, President Trump would have shut down the health bureaucrats and instead quarantined those most at risk of the virus and those who traveled outside of the U.S. for any reason.

A quarantine has never kept healthy people locked up ever in the past, quarantine has always been used to lock down the ones who either were in contact with, had or had a higher chance of getting a disease or virus.

Donald Trump stopped listening to that inner voice that brought him to be the president and began to rely on bureaucrats who were scared for their cushy jobs and paychecks. There’s no other explanation because the vast majority of the unemployed do not come from local, state or federal government employees. They are private sector employees who have watched government employees continue to be employed even when they were at home doing nothing while still getting paid.

The private sector cannot compete with the government sector who has been able to keep the vast majority of their employees because all the government has to do is print more money.

In the private sector, you actually have to earn that revenue, it’s not just handed to you. Therefore, private sector jobs have disappeared and many won’t come back.

All because President Trump stopped listening and kept tweeting about how awesome he is doing. He stopped listening to Middle America and he will lose the opportunity to deliver on what Middle America was looking for.

The next president

The next president of the United States will be no better for the majority of the silent part of America. This president will cower before the loudest voices of the activists and advocates and will deliver radical, leftist viewpoints that will further drive America toward a socialist agenda.

Socialism sounds good until you actually have to live under it. If you don’t think so, just ask the citizens of the former Soviet Union and Venezuela. They’ll tell you that it sounded good when the power brokers talked about it, but it didn’t turn out that way for the average citizen.

The next president will inherit an America that is divided and becoming an America that only listens to the loudest voices. The voice of Middle America is gone and may never come back.

History is a harsh teacher if we don’t listen to her. History has been telling leader after leader after leader that when they refuse to listen, they are bound for destruction.

The next president has already proven over time that he only listens to those who can get him into his next office. He is a career politician and glad-hander that has enriched himself and his family and looked down his nose at the average American while at the same time giving flowery speeches that make it appear as if he is for them.

Nothing could be further from the truth and we will pay for this as we watch higher taxes, less private sector employment, open borders and lawless large cities speak for what the rest of America needs. The needs of the average, every day American who just wants to work hard and enjoy the fruits of their labor will not be listened to.

The fault lays firmly at the feet of a president who was given an opportunity to lead, but instead chose self-glorification. He will ride away into the sunset with his billions of dollars while Middle America will be happy if they can stay in their job and home.

Leaders listen to advise from wise people while rulers listen to the opinion of people who just want to keep their easy jobs. President Trump listened to bureaucrats who want to keep their jobs rather than listening to the wise advice of people with experience who just wanted to see opportunity continue to grow for everybody and not just the elite, connected few.

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