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"By choice, perhaps, I chose this time, the hour, and the day
I might be here as actor with a vital role to play" — Walt G.

What if I chose to manifest by choice, not random act
How then would I respond to life if this proved to be fact?

Perhaps I'm not a hapless weed for winds to bend and sway
I might be here as warrior to rise above the fray

Perhaps I'm not a pawn trapped in a cosmic game of chance
I might just be a teacher here to help the world advance

Perhaps I'm not a victim to be destitute and poor
I might just be the catalyst we've all been waiting for

Perhaps I'm not among the numbers headed for death's jaws
I might just be the one who's here as fighter for a cause

Perhaps I'm not a casualty deprived of will and power
I might be here to show all how to tower and not cower

These drastic times will test us all and knock us off our feet
Perhaps this is the very time to rise and not retreat


There are those who will tell you that we, as spiritual beings, choose the place and time (even the parents, gender and physical afflictions) of our manifestation here on this plane in order to live out certain life themes and certain experiences for the purpose of our soul's spiritual growth and development as we evolve from one soul age to the next.

If that be the case, then as random and unpredictable and chaotic as these times may seem, you chose to be here on this planet at this time. Why? Was it simply to be a statistic? A victim? Perhaps. But what if there were some other experience you came here to have? What if you came here at this time to make a difference? What if you came here, equipped with a certain set of skills and passions that could help others through these times. What if you came here as a healer, a cause fighter, a catalyst for change and were simply waiting for this situation to arise in order to put your purpose into action?

Did you come to hide in fear or shine to inspire others? Next time you go to the supermarket, thank the cashiers who show tremendous courage and selflessness in order to keep us living some semblance of normalcy. Some may tell you they do it because they simply need the money, but, think about it, it takes unique courage to go to work every single day, day after day, week after week during times like these to a highly interactive job like theirs. Thank the nurses and health care providers who risk their lives in order to save others. From cashiers to physicians, these are people who are living out a theme and should serve as inspiration to the rest of us.

Why are you here on the planet at this time? Do a search online for "44 Essential Life Themes." You may simply need a reminder of why YOU chose to manifest in the Age of Corona. Get to work!

Walt F.J. Goodridge is a Jamaican-born, Saipan-based author of over two dozen books and a series of inspirational "life rhymes." View the complete 9 year archive at and check out his new "C.O.V.I.D. Streets of Saipan" videos at




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