OPINION | This coronavirus is a real killer and people must take it seriously

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THE truth is a lot of people are infected and they don't know it. It is a scary reality today. This epidemic is a silent killer folks.

In the last couple weeks alone at work where I volunteer, I have to constantly wipe down shopping carts our clients use because we don't know who are infected.

I am taking this deadly coronavirus seriously because this is not a flu. This is a virus that spreads like out of control wildfire. People are dying folks.

We cannot be complacent and pretend this is a regular flu. No, we cannot trust lawmakers to assure us everything will be fine because this is deadly.

It's common sense to practice cleanliness because we need to combat the spread of this deadly coronavirus.

I guarantee that once I come in to see my doctor on Monday I know my doctor will demand that I submit to a blood test for my safety and the safety of all.

Imagine if half of the officials in any government are infected silently. Of course there will be a distrust in any government for not identifying those who are infected today.

When your state government officials are too slow to warn the general public about the spread of this coronavirus then who do we trust to save us all?

The notion that we will trust these public officials is too risky. We cannot trust these lawmakers because politicians lie all the time. But not on my watch folks. This is risky, really.

Look at China or other countries. They are shutting down their borders because nobody trusts anyone as people are dying globally.

I may try to avoid to see my doctor this Monday for a requested check up but I can't because for me public safety comes first. It's our lives we’re talking about here folks.

When the coronavirus hit the U.S. West Coast it was scary because it's deadly and people are dying folks. These are dangerous times we live in today and it's not a joke.

Having the best doctors in the biggest hospital in Oregon doesn't give me any assurance or peace of mind. I would rather stay away from a hospital but I can't because my doctor wants to see me for my examination.

I think people should be informed about the coronavirus because it's possible half a million will die or maybe more. It's the reality.

If you're not feeling well, go see a doctor. Get help. We’re not alone. We can try our best to make sure we know the truth about what's really going on.

My doctor's appointment this Monday is mandatory. We do it every three months because my doctor wants to make sure I don't get infected.

Imagine if the whole United States of America is infected. Doctors cannot reverse this coronavirus. Millions of people will die folks.

The reason I work as a volunteer weekly is because it helps me to cope with my traumatic experiences with dishonest politicians.

If I don't trust Oregon lawmakers, why should I trust CNMI lawmakers or those lawmakers in Washington, D.C.? The loopholes or lies must be reckoned with today.

I mean lawmakers can get away with secret criminal wrongdoing but they won't be able to hide their criminal behavior from God.

And I'm addressing world leaders today regarding this coronavirus cover up that started in China and the Asia-Pacific region. God has spoken loudly.

Whether you believe a grandson of a natural healer or a son of a medicine man, the truth is atrocities around the globe are being monitored by human rights activists.

Years of atrocities around the world have exposed the ugly truth about some lawmakers and what they do to their own people. Look no further than China today.

I can speak to that because I am a human rights activist for the U.S. and the CNMI and as a crime-victim advocate who is fighting for justice and for my wife’s freedom.

You can get away with your criminal wrongdoing today but God will expose the truth and show who is more powerful in this messed up world we live in today.

World leaders are not powerful like God our Creator. This is the time of reckoning with God's own retribution and payback for dirty politics.

It's time to pray for your family and friends because God has spoken loud and clear globally in this deadly coronavirus.

I almost died three years ago when Oregon health authorities abducted my wife for their opioid profits because they could do it and because they think they were powerful.

But God is not sleeping and I survived. I am still fighting for justice for my wife. This corruption cover up is real but I will never give up fighting for my wife’s freedom.

As a CNMI son of natural traditional healers, I have seen destruction in a dream: a tidal wave in the Pacific. I don't know what it means but I believe that it’s God’s message today so peace to all of God's children.


The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

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