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WHEN public confidence and public trust are eroded there will be no public trust in any local or federal government. People or voters will be skeptical and they will demand lawmakers to tell the people the truth — nothing but the whole truth, period.

With the governor’s FBI investigation and this ongoing impeachment taking place in the U.S. Congress, this new year will be a dark cloud hanging over lawmakers’ head but the people will find out the truth sooner or later. American justice is being tested right now.

All these hidden, crafty, and clever actions done behind closed-doors will eventually be exposed to the general public whether the CNMI Legislature or U.S. Congress like it or not. It’s God’s way of revealing the truth to His people all over the world today.

In today’s crafty, clever, dirty politics, lawmakers, organizations and corporations prioritize secrecy, cheating, and lying to the general public to hide their criminal wrongdoing and the people are the real victims of their government’s waste, fraud and corruption.

Broken justice and broken government promises are what we have and what we witness today as the public demands honest answers from their lawmakers. This is not new. This has been happening all over the world where there are corrupt governments. It’s a fact of life today.

It gives real meaning to the problems of democracy. If you’re a civics student like me, you will look at the world with a different point of view. There’s nobody better to articulate all these problems of our U.S. democracy than your CNMI son — a crime-victim advocate himself.

Imagine the pain families are going through today as lawmakers ignore and neglect their hardships, whether it’s a typhoon, a hurricane, fire or floods. Your government has neglected or abandoned its duties to help traumatized families as we witness and see today. So I took my power back by not voting for any party.

In truth, there are honest organizations or corporations out there who are doing God’s work to alleviate the struggle and hardships families are facing everyday. It’s just sad that we do have evildoers in this world who are greedy and couldn’t care less to do a good job.

All over the world families are victims of their own government corruption and it’s the reality we face today as families struggle. Sometimes you wonder why you voted for real-life government corruption. It’s simple: some lawmakers have lied for their own selfish interest.

I haven’t voted for eight years because I want to protect my power-vote. I want my power-vote to stay with me. This way I have no regrets ever down the road. As long as I protect my power-vote I feel confident to continue God’s work for U.S.-CNMI families.

Look at China, the Philippines, Puerto Rico or the CNMI. Their families don’t deserve all these atrocities imposed on them. These families demand justice today from their own government leaders to do what’s best for their people who need help everyday.

Taiwan is a good example. Its voters voted correctly to keep the power to their people because they want a functional, resourceful and a productive honest government that addresses their people’s needs even though China is interfering in their island’s government.

This ongoing impeachment in the U.S. Congress that we witness today is nothing more than a big fight for power and control between these Democrats and Republicans as far as I’m concerned. I’ll write about their self-interest and greedy corruption instead of voting for their corrupt ideologies.

As a civics student of the U.S. and the CNMI it’s my job and duty to inform and update my audience, and to tell them to never lose hope despite your disappointment in your government because your vote is so powerful and can make a real difference in your government and your community’s progress.

Imagine if your wife is abducted and kidnapped by your own state government — how would you react? Or how would you go about it? For me this is incomprehensible, but it doesn’t mean I have to give in or give up. It only gives me more motivation to fight harder.

For the suffering families in China, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Saipan — we are not alone in all these atrocities imposed on us by our governments. We have other mindful voters to help correct the corruption that government has imposed on families today because we the people have the power to create a lasting change for the livelihood of our communities.

I really hate to be a critic of my own lawmakers, organizations or corporations, but unless it happens to you and your close-knit families then you will just allow them to step on your neck. But you can fight back and expose their criminal wrongdoing. It’s now or never folks.

My point is: there are a lot of good and honest organizations or corporations out there who are doing their moral duties, responsibilities and obligations to their communities to help their own people. Government officials including lawmakers must be held accountable and responsible.

I don’t write articles to demonize our current public officials’ crafty clever shady actions. I write articles to hold U.S.-CNMI public officials accountable and responsible for their crafty, clever, short-sighted, greedy, bad and evil behaviors that are thrashing our U.S. constitutional principles.

If we normalize name-calling and corruption in any society the outcome will speak louder than words. Action and good deeds trump corruption in any governments no matter how crafty or clever you want to be in closed-door dealings. God is not sleeping.

In closing, this new year is about self-improvement for families, organizations and corporations to compromise and cooperate to improve their communities’ livelihoods and it’s the public officials we voted into office who must perform their duties with love and justice for the sake of the government’s resourcefulness or productivity and positive results.

We can be skeptical as people but the bottom-line is: never ever lose hope in your dreams.

The writer is a resident of Portland, Oregon.

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