Janice Tenorio reelected as BOE chairwoman

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BOARD of Education members on Tuesday unanimously reelected Janice Tenorio as chairwoman. This will be her second year to lead the BOE.

Janice Tenorio

The election on Tuesday saw no changes to the BOE leadership as Herman Atalig was also reelected vice chairman and MaryLou S. Ada retained the secretary/treasurer’s position.

In an interview, Tenorio vowed to work closely with Education Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada.

“I also thanked all my colleagues for supporting me and believing in my leadership,” she added.

Recognizing that the Public School System is facing financial challenges, Tenorio said she expects the central government and the Legislature to fulfill their constitutional obligations to PSS.

She said the BOE, for its part, is working on various PSS financial measures.

“We will be doing a lot more,” she added. “And we will be working closely with the central government and the Department of Finance in identifying different [revenue] avenues for PSS.”

As for federal funds, Tenorio said PSS, through its federal grants manager Tim Thornburgh, continues to identify and obtain various grants for education.

She said these include federal funds that will allow PSS to repair and/or rebuild the schools destroyed by Typhoon Yutu and implement ongoing educational programs.

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