Official: KHS shooting threat still under investigation

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EDUCATION Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada believes that it was a student who emailed a shooting threat to Kagman High School on Jan. 8.

Alfred Ada

The investigation is still ongoing, he added.

“A student used his email to send somebody [a message] and then he was in a hurry and forgot to logout. Another person that came in to use the computer was playing around [when he emailed the shooting threat],” Ada said. “It is hard to pinpoint who was there.”

Ada said the student whose email account was used to threaten the school is a “good student” — “it was his first time to be called to the [principal’s] office,” he added.

It was KHS principal Leila Staffler who informed the Department of Public Safety and the PSS central office about the shooting threat she received through email.

Ada noted that in Dec. 2018, someone used a student’s email address to send a shooting threat to Saipan Southern High School.

There has been no update yet about the investigation into that incident.

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