Ex-lawmaker to beachgoers: ‘Bring your trash home’

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A FORMER Precinct 1 representative is conducting a “bring your trash home” campaign at San Antonio beach.

Two tourists take shelter at a pavilion at San Antonio beach last week.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Tony Sablan, who is now the director of the Legislative Bureau, said he and other members of the community in San Antonio have come up with the idea to maintain cleanliness at San Antonio beach,

“You won’t see trash bins or trash receptacles in that area, and that is intentional, because the beach is not a place where you can leave your trash,” he said.

“If people can bring disposable plates, utensils, and water bottles to the beach, they can bring them back to their homes as well,” Sablan added.

He noted that San Antonio beach “used to be a jungle that was turned into an illegal dumping site.”

While he was still a House member was when he and other members of the community started cleaning up the area, and they have been maintaining it since then, Sablan said.

“Our beaches are our assets. Many people who live in apartments and don’t have open spaces find the beach as the only place where they can relax and do a family ‘get-together,” so it is incumbent upon everybody to realize the importance and value of these assets,” Sablan said.

“A lot of government money has been spent to maintain our beaches and public parks, but these efforts are useless if people who use them don’t help maintain them,” he added.

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