Former municipal council member questions licensing board’s certification process

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FORMER Saipan and Northern Islands Municipal Council member Felipe Q. Atalig is questioning the certification process of the CNMI Board of Professional Licensing.

In his letter to the chairman of the board, Roy P. Reyes, Atalig said he finds it “extremely disturbing that the board may have overlooked the intent of the law or was misinformed” when it issued professional licenses in the past.

Atalig said this conduct by the board “is not only reprehensible and irresponsible but also possibly…unlawful.”

Reyes, in his response, told Atalig that the board will review the files of those whom they have licensed in the past “to determine if there is reason to believe that a discrepancy in the granting of [licenses] exists.”

In an interview, Reyes said the board will also consult with their legal counsel prior to making any determination or action.

He said the board is now preparing a second letter to update Atalig on the ongoing review by the board.

Atalig was complaining about a local engineer who, he believes, did not meet the requirements to be licensed.

Variety learned that the engineer was licensed more than 10 years ago, long before Reyes and other current board members were appointed to the board.

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