Covid-19 Halloween Guidance

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(Office of the Governor) — The Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force announces guidelines for a healthy and safe Halloween this weekend.

The task force recommends families to follow several precautions if they plan on taking part in more traditional Halloween activities this year. These precautions include socially distanced activities that are outdoors.

Families that choose to go trick-or-treating this year are advised to go only with their household family group. Large public gatherings and congregations are discouraged, and organizations that do plan on holding such an event should first receive task force approval by submitting a letter to Chairman Warren F. Villagomez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Residents and organizations are advised to adhere to the following precautionary measures:

  • “Grab and Go” trick-or-treating is the safest method.

Trick-or-treaters are advised not to pick candy from a bowl or take candy directly from someone's hands. Taking candy from someone else's candy bag is also discouraged. Organizations and residents are advised to have stations with individually bagged or packaged treats for kids to take. It is best to have these stations six feet from your front door or six feet apart along a trick-or-treat route.

  • Designated organizers and traffic controllers should be present to establish a one-way socially-distanced route.
  • Kids must be accompanied by adults at all times. 
  • Each trick-or-treat station must designate at least one person to facilitate grab and go candy pick-up, have hand sanitizer present and available, and wear a mask.

Additional recommended guidelines include:

  • Organizations must have adult participants sign-in to their events at the beginning of their routes
  • Have each trick-or-treat station be numbered.
  • Have each station designate an enforcement officer within their organization to ensure guidelines are followed.

Other suggested guidelines include:

Have a neighborhood car parade where families can show off their costumes while staying socially distanced and remaining in their cars

In residential areas, private settings, or apartment buildings, residents can come together to trick-or-treat around their block or other outdoor spaces so kids and families aren’t tempted to trick-or-treat inside — building residents and businesses can contribute treats that are individually wrapped and placed on a table(s) outside of the front door of the building, or in the other outdoor space for grab and go trick-or-treating.

As always, the Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force always recommends to follow the 3 W’s:

Wash your hands before, during, and after any Halloween activities. Watch your distance. Wear a mask.

Residents and organizations are encouraged to seek guidance regarding these protective measures. Please contact the Governor’s Covid-19 Task Force at 237-8034, 8035, 8036, and 8037 for additional guidance. 

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