Sanitary inspections conducted at food establishments

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(CHCC) — In September, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation’s Environmental Health Disease Prevention conducted sanitary inspections on retail, eating and drinking establishments.

The following are the names of establishments by inspection grade, and the names of establishments which were ordered to close for serious violations of health and sanitation standards. For these establishments, the suspension date and the date they were certified to resume operations are also provided.

Classifications for food safety rating for an establishment receiving a score of:

  • 90-100 Grade A
  • 80-89 Grade B
  • 70-79 Grade C
  • > 69 Closure/Suspension


Grade A

1) Guang Zhou Restaurant, Garapan

2) I Love Saipan 108 Shop, Chalan Laulau

3) J’s Restaurant, San Jose

4) Chalan Piao Supermarket, Chalan Piao

5) JC Marketing Wholesale, Gualo Rai

6) Twinkle Kid’s Land Café, Chalan Laulau

7) Oasis Book Lounge, Susupe

8) I Love Saipan 102 Shop, Garapan

9) Saipan Seaside Restaurant, Garapan

10) Annie’s Ice Cup, Dan Dan

11) Royal Food & Coffee Restaurant, San Antonio

12) 99 Cents Supermarket, Garapan

-    Retail

-    Butcher & Packing Facility

13) Tinian Elementary Jr. & Sr. High School

14) Saint Joseph School, Tinian

15) SM Mart, Tinian

16) Pop & Mom Store, Tinian

Grade B

1) CYC Kagman Market, Kagman

2) Asin’s Fish Mart, San Vicente

3) 520 Restaurant, Garapan

4) Da Ke Yi Restaurant, Garapan

5) Mo’s Restaurant, Chalan Kanoa

Establishment ordered closed for serious violations of health and sanitation standards:

1) I Love Ramen, Garapan (closed 9/3/20, opened 9/30/20)

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