Lucas Taitano Manglona arrested for serial vandalism

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LUCAS Taitano Manglona is responsible for a series of vandalism, damaging different cars in separate incidents, the Department of Public Safety said.

Manglona, 42, who was charged with vandalism, appeared before Superior Court Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo for a bail hearing on Thursday afternoon.

The judge imposed a $5,000 cash bail on the defendant.

Detective Rosa T. Rios, in her complaint and affidavit of probable cause in support of an arrest warrant, stated that on Sept. 15, 2020 at 2:10 a.m., police responded to a complaint at New CK Market in Chalan Kanoa regarding a shirtless man who used a piece of broken concrete to hit a vehicle before throwing the concrete at the car window several times.

Security camera footage identified Manglona as the culprit.

The victim told police that after Manglona damaged his car, loud bangs and glass-shattering sounds were heard coming from the direction where Manglona was seen walking.

Rios said on the same date, multiple complaints of damage to other vehicles were reported by different individuals in the area west of New CK Market.

DPS records showed that Manglona had been arrested multiple times in the past for throwing rocks at cars or at people, and for damaging people’s properties.

Rios noted that in May 2020, at Hyatt Regency Saipan, Manglona was identified as the person urinating outside the hotel. When asked to leave, he picked up big rocks, which he then threw at the hotel staff.

Manglona was also identified as the person who threw a rock at a parked vehicle there in August before kicking its front passenger door, Rios said.

In the same month DPS responded to a complaint of damaged vehicle at Tasi Homes in Susupe.

Security camera footage showed Manglona hitting a 2017 Nissan 370Z with a metal pipe.

Rios said the complainant at Tasi Homes told police that the same man had damaged other vehicles and that the owners had called police to report the incidents.

Rios noted that Manglona was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment and three-year probation upon release for burglary.

A May 18, 2016 court order  listed the full details of Manglona’s psychological condition and intellectual disability.

In a statement on Aug. 17, 2020, police stated that they arrested Manglona for criminal mischief. He threw an object toward a vehicle, police added.

Variety learned that Manglona was  later released.

On Thursday, Judge Govendo remanded Manglona to the custody of the Department of Corrections and ordered him to return to court for a preliminary hearing on Sept. 23 at 9 a.m., and for his arraignment on Oct. 5 at 9 a.m.

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