Frank 'The Crank' Camacho's Las Vegas fight on hold after testing Covid-positive

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HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — In what was supposed to be a battle of warriors, UFC Fight Night 177 was to be an opportunity for Frank “The Crank” Camacho to end a two-fight losing streak and bring pride to the region.

But after testing positive for Covid-19, Camacho was scratched from the fight card, and his scheduled brawl against Brok “Chata Tuska” Weaver has been scrapped.

“I have a little sore throat and little runny nose,” said Camacho, on Thursday afternoon, while transiting from Las Vegas to California along Interstate 15.

The fight, scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 13, Guam time, was to take place at the Apex Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I thought it was the Vegas heat, and dry,” said Camacho, citing what he thought the possible reasons were for congestion and a scratchy throat.

After receiving the positive test result, Camacho said that he initially felt “shocked.”

“‘Like, holy moly, it’s Covid, the disease that’s taking over the world,’” he remembers telling himself when he learned the virus had decided to hitch a ride in his body. “After that, honestly, it’s really nothing. Maybe I’m the worst host at the moment, being healthy, in great athletic shape, eating healthy, hydrated, taking all my multivitamins.

“I feel perfectly normal. I could fight tonight.”

Frank “The Crank” Camacho is looking to break his UFC two-bout losing streak. 

Photo from Frank Camacho’s Facebook page

“If you look at the numbers and stats, the last thing I want to do is spread fear. We need to have a positive mindset. If we continue to fight the good fight and be prepared, I believe we will be in the winning column,” he added.

Upon arriving in California, the only opponent Camacho will be facing is boredom, a 10-day bout with isolation.

“I’ll be quarantined for 10 days,” he said.

“I was just so bummed I’m not able to compete and fight. I did so much to get here and was ready to showcase 'The Crank,'” he said.

Camacho, throughout his career, has faced many ups and downs and has learned to roll with the punches.

“It’s not tainted my spirit one bit,” he said. “If there’s one thing that fighting and martial arts have taught me, is to expect the unexpected at all times and be ready to adapt.

“That’s what I’m doing. I know there’s a bigger opportunity in the future for me.”

Before leaving for training camp, Camacho had tested negative for Covid-19 and was preparing for Weaver. One week ago, Camacho again tested negative and fight preparations continued. With one more hurdle, very little stood between Camacho and his opponent, only a positive test could have derailed his date with destiny.

After two positive tests, the latest to confirm the original results, Camacho was done.

“After 10 days and a negative test, we will be looking at rebooking another fight ASAP,” he said.

It’s just such a bummer that there is a delay to everything, he added.

With his loved ones 7,000 miles away, Camacho said, "it is difficult, especially being away from home and family. But, I am very blessed to have a strong wife and supportive wife — many times, tougher than me.”

“We will get through this,” he added. “Honestly, Sarah (Filush Camacho) was not scared at all,” adding, “it was a bit of a shock.”

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