Thank you frontliners

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GOVERNOR Ralph DLG Torres thanked the CNMI’s first responders and their families for their daily sacrifices in the ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the Commonwealth.

“You guys are the pride and joy of the Marianas,” the governor said during a press briefing, Friday, on KKMP radio. “You guys are the reason why we all live here, that we’re happy, content, and safe.”

The governor also acknowledged the sacrifices that cabinet members and their families make as well as the community’s continued cooperation.

“You [all have] been [a tremendous] help. You’ve cooperated, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart,” he said.

The governor noted that in other jurisdictions, there has been rise in the number of frontline workers catching the virus, with roughly 20% of medical professionals contracting the disease.

He said the CNMI will continue to protect its frontliners and “make sure that we safeguard the same professionals that are protecting us.”

Frontline staff in some jurisdictions had to use the same personal protective equipment for days and sometimes even weeks at a time, the governor said.

In the CNMI, frontliners are provided with the proper gear, equipment, and supplies, he said, adding that this is one of the reasons why there were few positive Covid-19 cases in the Commonwealth compared to many other jurisdictions.

He encouraged community members to thank first responders and their families.

“There [are] so many people [who]  work tirelessly, around the clock, to provide the same [level of] safety for every citizen of the Marianas. It doesn’t matter what your race, social status, political affiliation, or your position is. Our healthcare is meant for everyone, to protect every individual that calls the Marianas home,” he said.

“I want to remind our community that when we all started with this pandemic together, there’s so [much] uncertainty, and even today, we’re still finding new things, new cases. But we will continue to fight this pandemic together and not against each other.”


Joining the governor during the press briefing on Friday was Department of Public Safety Commissioner Robert Guerrero who said DPS is enforcing the public health directives.

He said there are four or five enforcement teams visiting business establishments to ensure that they are in compliance with the directives.

“They do that all day, even past curfew hours when the businesses are closing down,” he added.

The commissioner thanked members of the community for their cooperation, not just with Covid-19-related matters, but also with the  other responsibilities of the department.

With regard to the morale of officers working at the front lines during this pandemic, the commissioner said,  “spirits are high,” adding that there is a counselor who frequently visits DPS posts at Kanoa Resort, Mariana Resort, and officers on the beats.

“Overall, I do frequently bring in commanders to inquire about the morale [of the officers],” he said, adding that this includes ensuring that the families of officers on the front lines understand what is going on.

He said the CNMI crime rate has gone down, which he credits to the front liners and community support.

“DPS cannot do it by itself. We need the community’s help and so far, the community’s been assisting us with our regular responsibilities, most especially [with Covid-19-related] activities.”

As of Sunday, there were over 26 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and over 876,000 deaths globally.

Over 6.1 million of these confirmed positive cases and over 186,000 of these deaths were reported in the United States.

As of Monday, the CNMI had 58 confirmed positive cases and two coronavirus-related deaths.



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