Dededo mayor on trash dumping: 'It's disgusting'

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HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares is frustrated that a cleanup of abandoned cars has led to even more trash, including white goods and tires, being dumped along a busy road in the heart of the village.

"This is what I am sick of: Joe Public thinks it is OK just to pull over to the side of the road and just dump stuff," she told The Guam Daily Post on Tuesday.

During the first week of August, the Dededo Mayor's Office removed 100 junk cars from three areas: Ypaopao Road, Macheche Road and Wussitg Road. Savares said it took five days to remove the vehicles.

The Wusstig Road area didn't remain junk-free for long, however.

"That's when the white goods, the appliances, the tires replaced all the junk vehicles that we removed," Savares said. "They were putting their appliances out there in broad daylight because they knew that the junk vehicles were being removed. So they figured, 'Oh, OK, the vehicles were removed, maybe we'll put our appliances there. It was disgusting."

Hundreds of junk vehicles

The removal of the junk vehicles was funded by a Recycling Revolving Fund allotment of $15,000, which is now exhausted, according to Savares.

Trash continues to pile up along a section of Wusstig Road in Dededo, Guam on Sunday.


A “No Dumping” sign has not stopped trash from piling up along a section of Wusstig Road in Dededo, Guam on Sunday. Photos by David Castro/The Guam Daily Post

She estimated at least 500 junk vehicles remain throughout the village.

"We haven't even gotten to Astumbo," she said. "It's a nightmare in Astumbo."

As for the minidump that sprang up on Wusstig Road, Savares said her staff members cleared what they could before Pandemic Condition of Readiness 1 was declared.

"The white goods are on hold because Global Recycling has closed because of PCOR1" or Pandemic Condition of Readiness 1.

The site is "not a staging ground," Savares said.

Her staff removed 96 tires from the site on Tuesday, she said, and will put up barricades at the site, "so people don't put more stuff there."

Universal waste services

While Savares waits for PCOR1 to be lifted in order to continue to clean up the site, a long-term solution she supports is raising property taxes in order to fund universal waste services for the entire island.

"Maybe we increase that a little more and a third or a fourth of that would go into solid waste and make sure everyone has a trash cart," she said.

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