Mom in quarantine with baby: 'We got to get out of here'

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HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — Santa Rita native Christina Leon Guerrero has spent the past week in the government’s quarantine facility at the Wyndham Garden Guam in Tamuning.

She and her 10-month-old daughter have had a difficult time adjusting and getting answers after she tested negative for Covid-19 on Saturday, the day before the island went back into Pandemic Condition of Readiness 1.

“Every single question that I have asked, I have not gotten an answer and I’ve been told, 'We’ll get back to you' and no one is getting back to me and we are on day six,” Leon Guerrero said. “It’s really ridiculous at this point because I tested negative and not exhibiting any symptoms, I am healthy and my temperature is normal. No cough, no fever, no body aches, no fatigue and the same for my baby.”

The mother-daughter duo arrived Aug. 13 at the A.B. Won Pat International Airport on a flight from Honolulu.

She originated from Alabama where she visited her mother. The state is listed as a high-risk area for the virus that causes Covid-19, but Leon Guerrero said the county they were visiting was not considered high risk.

Leon Guerrero said she knew they would have to stay in a government quarantine facility until she was tested.

“They were going to release me on Saturday after they verified my results. Then, to be told that I can’t leave because the baby needs to be tested and she had never come up before in conversations. She’s only 10 months. I don’t have the biggest issue in the world having her tested...however, with them telling me one thing then something else ... no one is giving me a medical or legal reason why she has to be tested before we can go into home quarantine,” she said.

“We got to get out of here. I’ve got to get her home to her bed and her space where she can crawl and play. She can’t do that because of how dirty this hotel is.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, neither had reported experiencing symptoms of the virus.

Make these rules clear

Now, Leon Guerrero wants answers after being given a copy of the guidance that details Guam’s quarantine requirements.

“Mr. (Art) San Agustin, who is the director of Public Health, signed off on these rules. They don’t define the word 'minor'…because it says 5 years and older are recommended, if necessary, to be tested. It doesn’t say, anywhere, anything about an infant. I want them to make these rules clear for every single age group that is coming in,” she said.

Leon Guerrero then questioned Page 5 of the same document which states, “Minors having originated from a non-low-risk area without an acceptable Covid-19 test collected within five days prior to arrival shall be subject to 14 days of quarantine at a GovGuam qualified quarantine facility.”

However, she argued, nowhere does it state her baby falls under that requirement.

“The rules that they have in place now, they are holding me without cause. I have no choice and can’t do nothing about it. The military is outside guarding and making sure no one comes in and leaves. Even though I have met the requirements that Public Health has laid out, I want them to let me leave,” she said, as she is hopeful they can continue to quarantine at home with the father of her little girl.

She said she is not trying to circumvent what’s required during the pandemic, but she just wants clear answers for the safety of her and her child.

“We are not going to go all over the place and I am not going to take her around to see every single family member I have. I just want to get her in her space where she can be the growing infant she is and crawl around and play and not have to be confined to this bed where I am constantly having to pull her away from the edge, because she wants to go and play,” she said. “All of these things put together is just incredibly frustrating. I am not trying to play the blame game with anybody. I just feel like the rules were maybe written in haste and thrown out there for the public.”

According to governor's press secretary Krystal Paco-San Agustin, DPHSS is tracking Leon Guerrero’s situation. As of Wednesday afternoon, there was no word on whether Leon Guerrero and her baby would be allowed to resume their quarantine from home.

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