Man charged with child abuse, strangulation, disturbing the peace

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JOHN W. Rasiang was arrested for choking his girlfriend and  hurting their one-year-old son while very drunk, police said.

When asked about the incident, Rasiang told police he had no recollection of what had happened and that he had blacked out.

Rasiang said he and his family went to a farm on Aug. 2 where they ate, drank beer and played cards.

He said he started drinking beer at 1 p.m. and that he consumed more than 12 cans of beer.

The last thing he remembered, he said, was that it was nighttime when he stopped drinking and that he was “ready to go.”

Rasiang said he later woke up on the beach at Coral Ocean Point because of neck pain, and it was then that he realized that he was on the driver seat of his vehicle. He then drove to a store where he was met by police officers and arrested.

Rasiang, 47, was charged with child abuse or neglect, strangulation, and disturbing the peace.

Initially, Superior Court Associate Judge Wesley Bogdan imposed a $25,000 cash bail, which he later modified, allowing for Rasiang’s release to a third-party custodian after submitting an appearance bond.

Rasiang was ordered to return to court on Aug. 24 at 9 a.m. for his arraignment.

Department of Public Safety Detective Buddy Igitol, in his declaration of probable cause for an arrest warrant, stated that prior to the incident, Rasiang’s girlfriend told him that they should spend the night at the farm because they had been drinking. But she said they decided to go home together.

She said she drove their car with Rasiang and their one-year old child in the front passenger seat and two older children at the back.

As they were leaving the farm and going up on a hill, Rasiang asked her repeatedly, “So, you want to sleep over then?” She said his tone was aggressive  and his voice was getting louder.

She said she eased off the gas pedal, which made their car roll back downhill.

As they reached the level ground, she said she attempted to drive back toward the farm, but Rasiang was  upset and was yelling at her. “Why are we going back to the farm?” his girlfriend quoted him as saying.

She said she feared that he would beat her up so she told Rasiang that she had forgotten their son’s bottle.

Then, she added, Rasiang opened the front passenger door and exited holding their one-year-old son  who was crying and whose head hit the car.

She said she attempted to take the toddler from Rasiang, but he grabbed her by the neck and forced her to the ground, while his other hand continued to hold the toddler.

She told police that she felt like she was going to die because she could not breathe.

Rasiang left with their car when her father arrived and called the police.

The one-year-old boy was admitted to the hospital for hematoma and further observation, police said, adding that the girlfriend herself had “visible red markings on the neck.”




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