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AS the global coronavirus pandemic negatively impacts the global economy, a number of local vendors are struggling to keep their small businesses afloat.

James Matsumoto, owner of Kada Dia Market, believes that he can help.

“Kada Dia Market is basically the same concept as the Thursday Street Market, but it's permanent and open every day for our off-island visitors and locals alike. [It is] a place for good food and drinks at an affordable price, with arts and crafts and occasional free entertainment,” he said.

“Most of our vendors are food- and beverage-related with a couple [of vendors] providing jewelry, arts, and crafts,” Matsumoto said. “We’ll also have a vendor selling live tilapia fish straight from the fish farm -- the only place on-island selling it, as well as farm products from the island of Rota.”

Kada Dia is Chamorro for “every day.” “We are open every day unlike the Thursday Street Market, which was just once a week,” Matsumoto said.

“People can expect a fun place for the entire family that won’t break the budget.  For your safety, all vendors will be following government-mandated protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19,"  Matsumoto said.

He expects most of the vendors to be open by mid-August.


Kada Dia Market, located near the post office in Chalan Kanoa, will open this month and will feature 12 local vendors. Contributed photo

"Kada Dia Market is a benefit to our community as it allows island residents to venture into entrepreneurship and open or expand a small business at an affordable cost," he said.

Among the local vendors is Talofa Lava, owned by Suni Quitugua who sells an array of handmade items.

Quitugua also showcased her work at the Thursday Night Market, as well as a number of cultural events held by the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs.

“I am excited to finally have a shop where I can have all [of my] handmade items available to our local customers, as well as to tourists and people from off-island,” Quitugua said. “We will be displaying our popular items, such as ribbon and natural floral crowns, fabric/nylon/foam flowers, handmade jewelry, lavalava, and many more."

Leonardo Aveina, owner of Isla Shave Ice, is also one of the local vendors at Kada Dia Market.

"The main staple that I will be featuring is shaved ice, along with other concessionary snacks, such as hotdogs, popcorn, tacos and many more.  We live on a tropical island [where] it is summer all-year-round, so why not beat the heat with a cold treat?" he said.

"I feel that with the pandemic outbreak, a majority of small businesses have literally come to a halt. I think that everyone has a chance to build from scratch and make something of themselves."

Aveina said  he is excited to bring a business like his closer to the neighborhoods "because it helps to [invite] our local customers to come and be in a family-friendly establishment, as well as to support small local businesses."

Lilia King, sole proprietor of Chelu Alynez Ent., is another local vendor at Kada Dia Market.

King will sell 14/20 gold-filled jewelry, fashion accessories, perfumes, and toys.

"It was a risky decision to open my business during a pandemic, but I truly care about my store, products, and the services I provide to the community," she said.

"This is a passion, and quite honestly, it feels less like selling and more like helping people by offering a little bit of positivity especially in this whirlwind crisis, with every item purchased.  I am optimistic that this pandemic will be a catalyst to future successes within my store."

Another local favorite that will be making a presence at the market is D’Chef's Kitchen 3, a family business.

D’Chef’s is a snack bar that will sell different kinds of snack items: shawarma, burgers, pizza, pasta family platters to-go for special occasions, and much more.

"We expect camaraderie with all the vendors to give customer satisfaction from food, drinks, accessories, and local products all in one area.  It is like a one-stop shop," said the D'Chef's Kitchen 3.

"It is hard to open a business during this pandemic, but we will [use] this as an opportunity to share our love for food and give our customers an option to have a place where they can go whenever they have cravings for their favorite foods."

Kada Dia Market is located in Chalan Kanoa, right next to the post office.

The other vendors are Couples Cakery, Mermaid Bubble Tea Shop, Magbers Snack Bar, Lyn’s Barbeque, and Micronesian Modular.

Stalls and spaces are still available for rent on a first-come-first-serve  basis. If interested, call James Matsumoto at 483-6985.

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