Precinct 3 Democrat touts ‘COR values’ of her candidacy

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A POLITICAL neophyte, Corina Magofna believes she could make a difference in the CNMI, and this is why she is running as an NMI Democratic Party candidate for the House of Representatives in Precinct 3, which has six House seats.

“I’m qualified, educated and effective,” said Magofna, citing her extensive experience in accounting and finance. She was acting chief financial officer and current budget officer of the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.

She is a graduate of the University of Hawaii and the University of Phoenix, and has bachelor’s degree in business and accounting. She has worked at Fortune 500 companies, Boeing and  BAE Systems.

Corina Magofna

In Precinct 3, Magofna is running with former Military and Veteran Affairs Director Vicente Camacho, musician Alfred Saures, and long-time educator and former Yap second lady Denita Yangetmai.

“I care about our people’s livelihood, our healthcare system, and most importantly our children’s education,” she said, adding that she is a mother of two children.

Magofna said she decided to run for office “because the people of the CNMI deserve better, and the status quo needs to change in order for us to grow and prosper.”

Magofna is fondly called Cor by her family and friends. She said Cor is also her acronym for what she represents:

C stands for “care, committed and control government spending”;  O is for “open and honest government, an open-door policy and opportunities”; and R stands for “regain and restore the people’s trust and confidence, repair and rebuild the economy and quality of life, and respect the laws of the land that govern the people.”

She added, “I care deeply about our CNMI and you should, too. So let’s make it our mission to preserve, celebrate and take pride in our culture and identity, take care of our retirees and manamko’, improve public safety, maintain economic development and growth, and keep our beautiful Marianas clean, safe and pristine for generations and generations to come.”

She said if elected, she will work for the people of the CNMI full time, not half time or “sometimes.”

She will also collaborate with “colleagues, business partners, community leaders, and the people, in identifying and implementing realistic and achievable solutions for a more vibrant and sustainable economy, a better healthcare system and quality education for our future leaders.”

She said it is her mission to find ways for the government to spend within its means.

She said she will “identify and introduce revenue bills, encourage entrepreneurship and capitalism, identify natural resources and other potential industries through collaboration with everyone and anyone who is willing and able to share and contribute their ideas and potential solutions.”

She said she will also find ways to improve public infrastructure, and improve the quality of service that the people deserve.

In addition, “We need to raise the bar,” referring to professionalism and ethics in the government.

“I am committed to uphold the pledge of the Democratic Party,” she added.





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