NMI Republicans to file candidacies today

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THE NMI Republican Party hopefuls in this year’s midterm elections are filing their candidacies with the Commonwealth Election Commission at 1 p.m. today, Monday.

Variety learned from many of the candidates last week that prior to the GOP board approval of the slate of candidates, they were “interviewed for a loyalty check.”

They were also invited by Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, the titular head of the party, to a dinner party at his residence in As Teo on Friday.

On Saipan, the Precinct 1 GOP candidates are Rep. Joseph Leepan Tenorio Guerrero, Rep. Roman C. Benavente, the governor’s chief of staff, Angel A. Demapan, acting Special Assistant for Youth Affairs Roy Ada and Randall Pangelinan.

Rep. Luis John Castro, who ran as a Republican in 2018,  is seeking reelection as an Independent candidate. The other Precinct 1 Republican House member, Janet U. Maratita, is not seeking another term. In a statement on Monday, Maratita said, "It is with a grateful heart that I officially announce that due to personal reasons, I will not be seeking reelection or election in any capacity during this upcoming 2020 midterm elections. I extend my deepest gratitude to the great people of Precinct 1 for entrusting me to represent you in the House of Representatives where I will continue to serve you until the end of my term in January."

Precinct 1 has six House seats.

In Precinct 2, which has two, House Floor Leader John Paul P. Sablan is running with CNMI Museum Director Danny Aquino.

In Precinct 3, which has six House seats, Republican Speaker Jonathan Blas T. Attao, Reps. Ivan A. Blanco, Marco T. Peter, Ralph N. Yumul and Rep. Jose Itibus are  seeking reelection.

Precinct 4 Republican Rep. Joel Camacho is running with Cecilia Taitano, the former adviser to Northern Islands Mayor Vicente Santos while Vice Speaker Lorenzo I. Deleon Guerrero will be the lone GOP candidate in Precinct 5.

Both precincts have two House seats each.

Of the 20 House seats, 13 are held by Republicans and seven by independents one of whom usually votes with his Republican colleagues, Rep. Joseph A. Flores of Precinct 1 who is also seeking a second term.

For the Saipan Senate seat, incumbent Republican Sixto Igisomar is seeking reelection.

On Tinian, the GOP candidates are Tinian Casino Gaming Control Commission Chairman Patrick H. San Nicolas for the House and Karl Nabors for the Senate.

Tinian Republicans Rep. Antonio Borja and Sen. Francisco Borja are not seeking reelection.

On Rota, the GOP bets are Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Commissioner Dennis Mendiola for senator and Commonwealth Ports Authority board member Barrie Toves for representative.

They are running against the Independent incumbents: Sen. Paul A. Manglona and Rep. Donald M. Manglona.

The other independent candidates are Precinct 3 Rep. Edmund Villagomez, retired U.S. Navy sailor Vincent Raymond “Kobre” Seman Aldan and Marianas Agupa radio talk show host Glenn Hocog Manglona.  Aldan and Glenn Manglona are both vying for Precinct 1 House seats.

The NMI Democratic candidates are House Minority Leader Edwin Propst of Precinct 1, Rep. Tina Sablan of Precinct 2, Rep. Sheila Babauta of Precinct 4 and Rep. Richard Lizama of Precinct 5. They and the Tinian Democrats will file their candidacies on Aug. 5, the last day of submission of nominating petitions and candidacies.

The Republican Party has not nominated a candidate to challenge incumbent U.S. Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan who is seeking a seventh term. Kilili is aligned with the U.S. Democratic Party but has ran as an Independent candidate since 2008.

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