Business executive: NMI should aim for ‘quality over quantity’

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TO become a world-class tourist destination, the CNMI should adopt a “quality over quantity” approach, Tan Holdings president and chief executive officer Jerry Tan told the Rotary Club of Saipan.

“We are small and our resources are limited so we cannot think about quantity,” said Tan who also chairs the  Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers.

He said there’s a need for “quality tourists” who are “high spenders” and who care about the environment.

Quality accommodations are also  important because in the CNMI, the hotels are “outdated,” he added.

In the hotel industry, hotels must go through a major renovation every seven years, Tan said.

A quality airport  will also create a good impression among tourists, he said. “The most important for me is quality of life.”

He said the “essence of the development” is the benefit it brings to the people of the Commonwealth.

He said “quality tourists, quality investments, quality competition and quality airport” will result in a better of quality life and a successful economy.

But to become a world-class destination, the local community will have to get involved, he added.


 Jerry Tan, chairman of the newly established Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers, third left, poses with some of his team members and Rotary Club of Saipan officials led by president Sonya Dancoe. Photo by Junhan B. Todino

His remarks included a video presentation on the beauty and attractions of the CNMI as well as current problems such as the poor condition of some roads and tourist sites.

“If we really want to be successful with our economy as we only have one industry, tourism, then we have to acknowledge the problems,” he said, adding that these can be fixed.

But he said they should not always rely on the government because it has limited resources.

Tan believes that the CNMI will become a world-class island destination once community members get their act together by committing themselves to help maintain  tourist sites and keep them clean and safe.

“We got to take ownership,” he said.

Hawaii, he added, became a world-class destination. “If they can do it why can’t we do it? It’s not that difficult if we all come together.”

Tan said the vision to transform the CNMI into a world-class destination could be achieved in 10 years’ time, and will involve upgrading, renovating and repairing the tourist sites of the island.

He said the  Governor’s Council of Economic Advisers  is  also “open to any idea, any option, but every idea and every option need to be studied carefully.”





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