Ribbon-cutting ceremony held for beach pavilion renovated by Rotary Club

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THE Rotary Club of Saipan on Monday held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a pavilion that it renovated at Sugar Dock Beach recently.

Joining club president Marcia Ayuyu and other Rotarianas were Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang, House Floor Leader John Paul Sablan, Rep. Tina Sablan, Rep. Ivan Blanco, Yigo Guam McDonald’s area supervisor Joe Ayuyu Jr., and community volunteer Max Aguon.

The Rotarians earlier “adopted” the Oleai beach pavilion, which they maintain regularly.

For the Sugar Dock pavilion, Ayuyu said they applied ceramic tile to the concrete table and repainted the ceilings and posts with flower decorations and the Rotary logo.

“I would like to encourage our people to maintain the pavilion’s cleanliness,” she said. “Let’s all do our part. If you see trash, pick it up and throw it in the trash bin. And please do not vandalize the facility.”

Mayor Apatang said the people of Saipan appreciate the pavilion projects of the club, as he also  encouraged them to help beautify the island.


Rotary Club of Saipan president Marcia Ayuyu, center,  joins Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang, House Floor Leader John Paul Sablan and Rep. Tina Sablan in cutting the ceremonial ribbon for the newly renovated pavilion at Sugar Dock Beach. Also in photo are other Rotarians, Rep. Ivan Blanco, volunteers and other members of the community. Photo by Junhan B. Todino

He hopes that pavilion users will “respect the facility and clean it after using — and please don’t draw graffiti on it.”

House Floor Leader John Paul Sablan thanked the club, adding that people who frequent the place will appreciate the newly renovated pavilion.

He encouraged businesses, especially those operating near the Sugar Dock Beach, to also adopt other beach pavilions.

Rep. Ivan Blanco thanked the Rotary Club, McDonald’s Saipan, IT&E and Docomo for repairing and renovating beach pavilions and bus stops.

Rep. Tina Sablan, for her part, said the entire community of Saipan would benefit from the renovated pavilion at Sugar Dock.

“The [Rotarians] put so much love into this pavilion,” she added as she also thanked the other non-profit organizations and businesses that are adopting pavilions and parks.

She likewise encouraged members of the public to help beautify and maintain these facilities.

Rotary Club of Saipan past president Greg Borja said they will continue to identify and implement projects beneficial to the community.

“Every once in a while the Rotary will work along with the Parks and Recreation personnel to clean the [Sugar Dock] area,” he added.

Among the other Rotarians who participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony were club president-elect Sonya Dancoe, PE, Wendell Posadas, Das Krishnan, Judy Mendieta, Joe Torres, Hiroko Stewart, Irene Holl, Glen Perez, Mary Grace Bautista, Jessy Loomis, Brian and Diana Clayton, Sean Ficke and Joann Aquino.




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