Guam governor: Delegate should apologize to the people

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HAGÅTÑA (The Guam Daily Post) — Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero on Monday said her fellow Democrat, Delegate Michael San Nicolas, should "apologize to the people of Guam" for calling government leaders incompetent in his social media post.

The delegate responded by saying, "Our people are hurting and as a public servant I will absolutely be the first to apologize to the people of Guam for all of the hardship and suffering they have endured these past few months."

 Michael San Nicolas

"I am sorry the people of Guam are going through this, for as much as the congressional office has done and continues to do, I still wish I could have done more," San Nicolas said.

The governor said the delegate's characterization of GovGuam officials is "totally incorrect, very untruthful."

"What that has done is it has put doubt on the people of Guam’s trust for our leaders. Our leaders here work hard and I expect our federal leaders to do the same," the governor said in her Monday Covid-19 news briefing, referring to the congressional delegate.

San Nicolas' Father's Day post on social media states, in part, "I am firmly resolved to shorten this labor of love if the people of Guam do not resoundingly change out the incompetence of local leadership."

At her news briefing, the governor said everyone who's been elected to public office has been serving the best interest of the people of Guam.

"We are working very hard to get through this Covid," she said.

The governor said the "competent" leaders of GovGuam brought in some $1.2 billion in Covid-related federal financial aid to Guam, which has helped people in need and the local economy.

This, she said, includes establishing the unemployment benefits program in 12 weeks as a result of the hard work and competence of the Guam Department of Labor and its director, David Dell'Isola. The governor also mentioned the federal government's approval and release of up to $134.8 million in economic impact payments through the efforts of Rev & Tax Director Dafne Shimizu and her department.

"And because of our competent leaders, we are quickly coming up and growing back our economy," the governor said in her closing remarks.

The governor and delegate have been at odds over war claims payments, tax refund payments, and other issues.

The governor also said it's a "very serious situation" when a congressional ethics subcommittee is formed to investigate allegations against San Nicolas.

"I'm very concerned about that. I really don't have any position either way, only that the process will go through," the governor said when asked about the House Investigative Subcommittee's inquiry into San Nicolas.

Lou Leon Guerrero

In addition to San Nicolas' alleged affair with a congressional staffer and questions about campaign funds, he also will be investigated on whether he "attempted to interfere in a government investigation of related allegations," the House Ethics Committee said.

"I do hope that for the sake of the congressman, that this goes by quickly so that there can be answers. I think that he needs to be accountable to the people of Guam in terms of whatever the findings are," the governor said.

San Nicolas has yet to file his candidacy papers for the primary races, but he had picked up a packet and filed an organizational report so he can start raising and spending campaign funds.

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