Hopwood promotes 317 students

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HOPWOOD Middle School on Thursday promoted 317 eighth graders who received their certificates, drive-through style, on their Chalan Piao campus.

HMS principal Dr. Rizalina Liwag said the promotees showed resilience after Super Typhoon Yutu destroyed their school in Oct. 2018, and were molded by other adversities.

“You have become even stronger as you face many difficulties in the tents that were your temporary classrooms,” she said.

The students likewise developed the ability “to adapt to the many uncertainties brought by the Covid-19 pandemic,” the  school principal said.

Top 2

For receiving the highest GPA, Alexis Marie P. Cabrera was named the Board of Education awardee and class valedictorian.

Christine M. Retirado, the class salutatorian, received the Commissioner of Education Award.

In her valedictory remarks, Cabrera thanked the Hopwood teachers and administration as well as the Public School System officials for allowing the students to celebrate their promotion on their Chalan Piao campus. “Although this campus is partly in shambles…the emotions attached to this place will always have a special place in our hearts. This is where our middle school journey started and where it will end.”

She hopes that the new campus will one day rise with a permanent “home”  for students.  “I hope we can work toward that dream.”

Despite the pandemic and the challenges it has brought to their education, Retirado said quarantine has shown them that “learning is not only confined in the classroom.”

In mid-March, PSS temporarily closed its schools to protect the students and school employees from the pandemic.

While the schools were closed, PSS provided learning packets to all its 10,000 students so they could continue their education at home.

Retirado said she considers it a blessing that everyone she knows is healthy and safe.

She said “it is still a long road ahead for each and every one of us, but I have no doubt in my mind that we have all become better and stronger individuals, ready to face the challenges of what lies ahead. I see a bright future for our generation and the generations to follow.”


 Alexis Marie P. Cabrera receives the Board of Education Award during the promotion ceremony on Thursday.  She is Hopwood’s Class of 2020 valedictorian.

Christine M. Retirado, the class salutatorian, receives the Commissioner of Education Award.


 Jane Nicole C. Mozunder is this year’s Principal Leadership awardee. Contributed photos


Board of Education Award – Alexis Marie P. Cabrera

Commissioner of Education Award – Christine M. Retirado

School Leadership Award – Jane Nicole C. Mozunder

Principal’s List Award – Ye Zhi Sablan, Paulo Jerome N. Quitado, Hana Rhys L. Diaz, Julie Ann V. Capayas, Ma. Abigail Nicole F. Alovera, Aisha Erica M. Lansangan, and Lawrence S. Tubera

Best in Social Studies – Alexis Marie P. Cabrera and Ma. Abigail Nicole F. Alovera

Best in Mathematics – Pony Tang and Jaimer Shawn S. Casama

Best in Chamorro Carolinian Heritage Language Studies – Alexis Marie P. Cabrera and Paulo Jerome N. Quidato

Best in Science – Raja L. Sevugan and Destiny Jade C. Pangelinan

Best in English Language Arts – Christine M. Retirado and Ye Zhi Sablan

Best in Physical Education – Christine M. Retirado

Best in Middle School Leadership Corps – Mechaella De Ramos

Best in Computer Literacy – Alexis Marie P. Cabrera

Best in Agriculture – Miracle Joy C. Aldan








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