Chacha Oceanview Middle School promotes 71 students

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CHACHA Oceanview Middle School on Wednesday promoted 71 eighth graders to high school, principal Martha Kintol said.

The school produced a video for the promotees that included messages from the principal, Board of Education Commissioner Janice Tenorio and Commissioner of Education Dr. Alfred Ada.

The certificates were distributed on campus, drive-through style.

In her remarks, Kintol recounted how the 2020 promotees endured the obstacles they experienced.

“We…have been doing our best to prepare you for high school, but the hard work and the success are all yours,” she told the promotees.

She noted that 2018 and 2019 had not been easy for her students.

“Your first semester was interrupted by Super Typhoon Yutu and yet you managed to succeed and complete school year 2018,” she said. 


Ayesha Mustansar, Board of Education awardee.


Darnell Decena, Commissioner of Education awardee.

She noted that the SY 2019-2020 opened with double-session classes as Chacha shared its campus with Kagman Elementary School students.

In the second semester, the students’ academic learning opportunity was abruptly interrupted because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kintol said.

“Yet you rose above and continued to grow and learn by completing your enrichment packets,” she added. “I know that you are going to continue as lifelong learners because not only do you apply your academic skills, you are also applying your life skills every day.”

For BOE Chairwoman Janice Tenorio, the students’ promotion is evidence of their strength in the face of natural calamities.

“We will always remember Class of 2020 as extraordinary — the class that did not give up. The unique ways in which you have come to create your own milestones has been an inspiration to us. I encourage you to thank your teachers, counselors, bus drivers, administrators and support staff who helped you and taught you and shaped you and led you to promotion,” Tenorio told the students.

Ayesha Mustansar is this year’s Board of Education awardee for obtaining the highest GPA.

She thanked her teachers and her families for their hard work and for supporting her throughout her middle school years.

“I am what I am because I have great teachers. They are key to a [student’s] success. From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” Mustansar said.

Darnell Decen, who received the Commissioner of Education Award, congratulated his fellow eighth graders for finishing middle school.

“We've gone through many obstacles during our time as Lancherus,” he said, referring to the school mascot: the farmer.

“But in the end, we found a way to overcome them and learn new things from them. It was very unfortunate that our last year in middle school had come to an end in the most unexpected way. We have come this far and let’s continue to persevere,” Decena said.







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