Dandan Middle School promotes 114 students

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DANDAN Middle School on Tuesday posted on YouTube and on Facebook a pre-recorded video of the virtual ceremony for 114 eighth grade students who were promoted to high school.

The video included congratulatory messages from school principal James Sablan and Education Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada.

Sablan said among this year’s group of promotees are the studious, the quiet ones, the loud ones, the comedians, the athletes, the singers, the dancers and the artists. Gracie Reign O. Mendiola is this year’s recipient of the Board of Education Award. 

Tyana Kay M. Cepeda is the Commissioner of Education awardee.

Sablan said the students’ accomplishments speak loudly.

“You are the group of students that have persevered, accepted challenges, have the ability to be flexible, have the ability to listen and follow directions and to make decisions with logic and creativity,” he said.

He said promotees have experienced and survived Typhoon Soudelor, Super Typhoon Yutu and now the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I wish you all the best in your future roles in high school and post- high school. I know you will succeed whatever career you choose…whether you choose to be a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, a farmer, a parent, or just being a single person, just be the best you can be,” Sablan said.

For his part, Commissioner Ada said the promotion of the 114 students “is a major milestone in your life that will forever be an example of your grit and perseverance.”

He added, “You brave students of the Marianas will forever be remembered as the class that overcame the odds, even with all the hardships our islands have faced. Remember all of the obstacles and never forget how you overcame them. Remember your hardships and never forget the spirit of never giving up.”

Vice principal Reo Arriola then announced the names of the students who have won awards.

“This year’s awarding is a bit different from the past events,” he said. “It saddens me that we cannot see the surprised look and smiling faces of Tottots when they receive the awards,” he added, referring to the local name of the school mascot, the Mariana fruit dove.

“Recognition is a powerful way for our DMS community to continue forward even when it feels like we're at a standstill,” Arriola said.

Gracie Reign O. Mendiola received the Board of Education Award for having the highest GPA while the Commissioner of Education Award was given to Tyana Kay M. Cepeda for having the second highest GPA.

Mendiola said she had good memories as a middle school student as she thanked her teachers for the lessons that made an impact on her life and helped her grow as a student.

Cepeda said she is already looking forward to high school. She said they may have experienced hardships during their middle school years, but they never gave up and continued to push forward.

She thanked parents for always supporting their children and teachers for educating students.


Board of Education Award – Gracie Reign O. Mendiola

Commissioner of Education Award – Tyana Kay M. Cepeda

English Language Arts – Gracie Reign O. Mendiola

Math – Austin Kumagai

Science – Gracie Reign O. Mendiola

Social Studies – Gracie Reign O. Mendiola

Chamorro-Carolinian Language and Heritage Studies – Gracie Reign O. Mendiola

Physical Education – Tyana Kay M. Cepeda

Leadership Corps – Gia Manahan

Art – Johanna Mogar

STEM – Fatima Ito

Computer Literacy – Gracie Reign O. Mendiola

Video Production – Ale’a Duenas

Leadership Award – Danielle Kaye Formalejo

Tottot Award – Ocean Atalig Teigita

Most Improved Award – Ana’Lee Maria T. Aldan

Male/Female Athletes of the Year – Casey Cassandra Cruz and Lenard Jovic Vendiola

President’s Award for Educational Excellence (Gold)

Phillip Anton C. Aldan

Tyana Kay M. Cepeda

Elyna Collette N. Deleon Guerrero

Danielle Kaye C. Formalejo

Gracie Reign O. Mendiola

Oshiana Keilani S. Reyes

Siana Dorene F. Tasi

President’s Award for Educational Achievement (Silver)

Ava Benavente

Shaonika Dionne C. Borja

Ty R. Cepeda

Casey Cassandra Cruz

Raymond John Deleon Guerrero

Ale’a Trinidad Duenas

Mark Phillip Nunez Leuta

Gia Kamille Manahan

Johanna Mikyla Mogar

Prashib Pandey

Reianah Francine Porras

Fanai Haveia Staffler

Mica Ella Del Mundo Sune

Kernel Bill Tagle

Issa Gertrudes Atalig Teigita

Oceana Dinrose Atalig Teigita

Tiana G. Torres

Faye R. Ubonge

Gwyneth Manebog Yumul

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