34 graduate from Rota High School

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DOCTOR Rita H. Inos Jr.-Sr. High School Class of 2020 held a motorcade in Songsong on Friday afternoon before proceeding to the campus for the graduation ceremony.

To comply with the social-distancing directive, only the 34 graduates and their families were allowed at the school, which designated a big area in front of the stage for parking. Parents and other family members had to remain inside their vehicles and only the graduates were allowed to sit outside.

Diplomas were distributed in drive-thru style, but family members were allowed to go outside their vehicle for quick photo opportunities with the graduate and education officials.

School principal Tanya King thanked the school Covid team who, she said, “worked tirelessly to ensure that all seniors graduated.” She said the team members “planned, organized, and coordinated this graduation ceremony to make it truly memorable and significant.”

 She added, “The phrase ‘it takes a village to teach a child’ is most applicable as there are so many Rota individuals and government and private agencies who have contributed to our seniors’ success,” King said.

She also thanked the Board of Education members, Commissioner of Education Dr. Alfred Ada and other Public School System officials “for their support in ensuring equitable opportunities that all students continued to learn and remain safe during this unprecedented crisis.”

She noted that all of the school’s 34 seniors graduated this year.

“Your teachers went above and beyond their duty to ensure you complete this important rite of passage,” King told the graduates.

She reiterated her gratitude to the government agencies and private partners for their donations and for their continued support in educating students on Rota. 

Representing the BOE and PSS, BOE vice chairman Herman Atalig, who is from Rota, congratulated the “RHI Royals, the Class of 2020” for completing high school despite “unprecedented events — the CNMI financial crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic that are personally impacting your lives.”

The Class of 2020 theme was “Dare to be Different.”

Atalig challenged the graduates “to be different, to be the voice and not an echo,” and “not to be average but to be awesome.”

“If you examine history, all great achievements were accomplished by people who dared to be different,” he told the Class of 2020, who earned their high school diploma in the midst of a pandemic, economic downturn and civil unrest. “Your graduation will leave a footprint and legacy that will never be forgotten.”

Top 2

Ivany Maratita Manglona was the class valedictorian while Junice Dawn Masga was the class salutatorian.

Ivany Maratita Manglona


Junice Dawn Masga

“We didn’t know that school was going to end abruptly and never got to make more memories here at RHI,” Manglona said in her valedictory. “But we are making a memory today with us being here and graduating despite the circumstance we are facing right now.”

Amid the pandemic, Masga chose to see the positive side of the situation. “People are not alone,” she said. “When this pandemic started, it brought us together in a way we never thought could happen.”

She advised her fellow graduates not to give up and continue to focus on the future.

The Class of 2020 are strong and determined leaders, Masga said. “Each and every one of us has the potential to achieve our own dreams.”

She thanked her family, friends and teachers for supporting, guiding and motivating her to work hard on her education.

She also thanked the teachers, librarians, counselor, principal and vice principal of the school. “They shared with me their life and wisdom,” she added.

 Dr. Rita H. Inos Jr.-Sr. High School observed social distancing protocols during its graduation ceremony on Friday afternoon.

Top 3

1) Ivany Maratita Manglona, valedictorian — Board of Education Award, Mayor’s Award, Outstanding Female Graduate Award, and Governor’s Award.

2) Junice Dawn Masga, salutatorian — Commissioner of Education Award

3) Virginia Roslin Atalig Manglona — Principal’s Award

Top 5

1) Ivany Maratita Manglona

2) Junice Dawn Masga

3) Dawno Jade M. Agbayani

4) Jonovan Vicente C. Lizama

5) Onria Nicole Atalig

Presidential Award Gold

1) Dawno Jade M. Agbayani

2) Onria Nicole Atalig

3) Jonovan Vicente C. Lizama

4) Ivany Maratita Manglona

5) Junice Dawn Masga

Presidential Award Silver

1) Ralph Joshua Asuncion Ancaya

2) Marjorie Japor Banaag

3) Klowee Sablan Fujihira

4) Angelo Seloterio Lucero

5) Blessylou Atalig Manglona

6) Prinzes Belle S. Manglona

7) Virginia Roslin Atalig Manglona

8) Alejo Rosario Mendiola IV

9) Gene Bernard Ramos Jr.

Merit/Subject Awards

1) Dawno Jade M. Agbayani – Social Studies

2) Blessylou Atalig Manglona – Physical Education

3) Ivany Maratita Manglona – English Language/ Mathematics

4) Valeria Genelaso Myers – Science/ World Language

5) Gene Bernard Ramos Jr. – Electives

6) Victor Edgar Sancho Villamor – World Language



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