Rota Jr. High School promotes 32 students

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WHILE observing social distancing rules, Dr. Rita H. Inos Jr.-Sr. High School on Tuesday held a drive-thru promotion ceremony for 32 eighth graders.

The distribution of certificates started at 10 a.m. outside the school administration office.

An hour before the drive-thru promotion, the school released a 15-minute video on its Facebook page with messages from Dr. Rita H. Inos Jr.-Sr. High School principal Tanya King, Board of Education vice chairman Herman Atalig, Education Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada, and Class of 2020 president Tammy Fernandez.

In the same video, Éclair Marj Ladao gave her valedictory address and Tolia A. Quitugua her salutatory speech.

Also shown were the photos of the  other promotees.


Éclair Marj M. Ladao, Class of 2020 valedictorian.


King said the Covid-19 pandemic changed the way they celebrate the students’ academic accomplishments while honoring their parents and guardians.

However, she added, “your promotion event is just as unique as you are. It has been an honor to watch you mature, learn from your mistakes, and challenge us as well as yourselves.”

The class theme was “C-4: Class of Champions. Committed. Confident. Courageous.”

“It is most appropriate because it represents the fuse needed to be change agents,” the school principal said. “You will be the first pioneers in a paradigm shift in education, an exciting and new adventure in technology and remote learning to prepare you with the skills needed after high school,” she added.

BOE vice chairman Herman Atalig, who served in the U.S. Army for 28 years, noted that C-4 is an explosive proponent and when combined with a fuse it will detonate and bring down any obstacle.


Class salutatorian Tolia A. Quitugua and her mother. Contributed photos

“You possess C-4,” he told the promotees. “You can overcome any obstacle through commitment, courage, and confidence.”

For Education Commissioner Alfred Ada, the Class of 2020 will forever be remembered as the class that overcame the odds.

“You can choose to let your present struggles rob you of the opportunity to celebrate, or you can use the smallest glimmer of hope to catalyze a tsunami of memories that speak of your incredible resilience,” he told the students.

He advised them to always remember the challenges and hardships they encountered and how they persevered and toppled them all.


Eclair Marj Ladao is this year’s class valedictorian while Tolia Lorenza A. Quitugua is the salutatorian.

In their speeches, Ladao and Quitugua thanked their teachers, families, and friends for helping them achieve their goals.

“No matter how big or small your goal is, you can reach it with dedication, determination, and focus,” Ladao told his fellow promotees.

Because they had to stay at home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Quitugua said she and her classmates miss their school.

“This is our last chance for our class to get together because as soon as we step into high school, a lot of things will change…. Let’s remain grateful for the times that we did spend together,” she told her classmates.

Top students

Eclair Marj M. Ladao: valedictorian, Board of Education Award, Mayor’s Award

Tolia Lorenza A. Quitugua: salutatorian, Commissioner of Education Award

Freya Deshae C. Greathouse: Principal’s Leadership Award

Abriette Patience T. Manglona

Kohana Rose M. Calvo

MJ Mahusay

Tammy Joy Fernandez

Autumn Pasensia T. Hocog

Honorable mention

Jonathan Alvin Mereb

Jesse Keoni Manglona

Freska Bree R. Manglona

Brylle Angelo P. Reyel

Subject Awards

Physical Education - Geordon John Atalig Barcinas

English Language Arts - Tammy Joy Bautista Fernandez

Mathematics/Science/Leadership Corp./Chamorro/Art - Eclair Marj Mangalindan Ladao

Social Studies/Computer - Eclair Marj Mangalindan Ladao

President’s Awardees

(Gold - A Honor)

Calvo, Kohana Rose Mendiola

Fernandez, Tammy Joy Bautista

Greathouse, Freya Deshae Calvo

Hocog, Autumn Pasensia Taitano

Ladao, Eclair Marj Mangalindan

Mahusay, Mj Loon

Manglona, Abriette Patience Taimanao

Manglona, Freska Bree Rosario

Manglona, Jesse Keoni

Mereb, Jonathan Alvin

Quitugua, Tolia Lorenza Atalig

Reyel, Brylle Angelo Pagalpalan

President’s Awardees

(Silver - B Honor)

Agbayani, Rosalia Brie Manglona

Ali, Najim

Barcinas, Niana Lei Barroma

Bermeo, Alwyn Jake Manayao

Cabrera, Reannah Margrett Maratita

King, Tyler Chase Calvo

King Jr., Danny Kent Taimanao

Mangaoang, Jared Carl Mendez

Manuel, Son Joe Sabangan

Ogo Jr., Selwyn Manglona

Reyes, Anina Clarese Maratita

Ruiz, Rainier Lanterna

Salas, Honeyka Isadel Reyes

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