84 individuals under quarantine at Kanoa Resort

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AS of Thursday, a total of 84 individuals had been placed under quarantine at Kanoa Resort, according to the governor’s Covid-19 Task Force chairman, Warren Villagomez.

Warren Villagomez

On Thursday morning, Villagomez said 45 plane passengers from Guam arrived on Saipan and were placed on a 14-day mandatory quarantine. “They are returning residents and there are no tourists among them,” he added.

It was the task force that chose Kanoa Resort as a quarantine site, Villagomez said, adding that they may also use the former Mariana Resort in case there is a “spillover.”

Villagomez said Century Hotel, which was the first isolation area, is no longer used for quarantining individuals.

“After evaluating the setup of Kanoa Resort, we decided to designate it as a quarantine site,” he said.

He added that Kanoa Resort has 224 rooms and can accommodate the number of passengers from the flights that are expected to arrive in the next several days.

He said in choosing a quarantine site, they also considered, among many other factors, the facility’s availability and air-conditioning system.

Before placing the individuals on quarantine, Villagomez said the task force explained to them the governor’s directive. “We provided them information or details about our efforts to safeguard the health of our island community.”

In addition, he said, Department of Public Safety officers have been deployed to secure the quarantine area while Dr. John Tudela has been designated as the physician on site.

People who are on quarantine are screened regularly, Villagomez said, adding: “So far, there are no signs” of Covid-19.

For its part, the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs is responsible for the shelter coordination and the feeding arrangement. “We want to make sure that their needs are met,” Villagomez said, referring to the individuals under quarantine.

They are allowed to go outside their rooms for recreation as long as they observe social distancing, he added.

“We also allow their family members to drop off clothes, extra food, water or medicine. We have a schedule for that. We’re trying our best and make it very comfortable for them.”

The relatives, however, are not allowed to go inside the hotel.

Villagomez assured the community that the task force is working 24/7.

“Each member is contributing their expertise or knowledge to collectively put together a Covid-19 playbook, which is a comprehensive and holistic government approach in protecting the community from the pandemic,” he said.

The task force members include legislators and personnel from the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp., the Public School System, Northern Marianas College, the Commonwealth Ports Authority, the Marianas Visitors Authority, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services, the Department of Finance, and the Office of the Governor.

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