Smooth and orderly distribution of food at GES and SSHS

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THE first day of food distribution at Garapan Elementary School and Saipan Southern High School on Wednesday morning was smooth and orderly.

Jeremy Sager, general manager of Triple J restaurants, hands food in plastic bags to children and their parents at Garapan Elementary School on Wednesday.  Photos by Lori Lyn C. Lirio
Kalayaan Inc. employees in protective gear are ready to distribute food to the children at Saipan Southern High School on Wednesday.
Triple J employees who are certified food handlers volunteer to distribute food to children on Wednesday at Garapan Elementary School. There are 30 Triple J volunteers who serve food at 10 distribution school sites.
Food is also distributed to students at Marianas High School.  Contributed photo

GES and SSHS are among the 13 public school sites where the Public School System-Child Nutrition Program is distributing meals to schoolchildren.

On Wednesday, Triple J’s certified food handlers volunteered to distribute the food to children who were accompanied by their parents or guardians.

The food was distributed from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

Jeremy Sager, general manager for Triple J restaurants, said 30 of their employees served as volunteers at 10 different locations.

He said Triple J is not a contracted caterer, but PSS asked the company for help in the distribution.

“I think one of the reasons why they asked Triple J is because our employees are certified. You need to have food handler certificate to be able to serve food,” Sager said.

“It has been a very smooth process [at GES]. Everybody seems to be cooperating and following directions,” Sager said.

The Department of Public Safety assisted with traffic control.

Sager said they strictly implemented the PSS directive: Parents or guardians have to be with their children in order to get their food pack, which consisted of breakfast, lunch and snack.

At Saipan Southern High School, teacher Roy Adsit volunteered to help in the distribution of food.

“It has been steady and not overwhelming,” he said. “Everybody did a great job today. We kept our distance and children got their food.”

Kalayaan Inc. is one of the caterers contracted by the Public School System-Child Nutrition Program. Its employees, who are certified food handlers, spent the entire morning distributing food to the children at SSHS.

“I am glad we are getting food to our kids and we got the federal money to do it,” Adsit said. “A lot of parents are unemployed or underemployed right now.”

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