MCS 2020 STEM Fair winners

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(MCS) — Mount Carmel School congratulates all the young scientists and inventors who are winners of this year’s MCS STEM Fair:

Mount Carmel School students, from left, Brent Matthew Ortizo, Asa Backe, Ezaela Camacho, and Akomi Matsumoto were recently awarded first place in their respective divisions during Mount Carmel School’s 2020 STEM Fair.  MCS photo

Level 1 (1st & 2nd Grades)

1st Place - “Soil Erosion” by Ezaela Camacho 2nd Grade

2nd Place - “Frozen Liquid Expansion” by Victoria Terlaje 2nd Grade

3rd Place – “Liquid Rainbow” by Mikaela Guerrero 2nd Grade

Level 2 (3rd - 5th Grades)

1st Place - “Aquaponics vs. Soil” by Akomi Matsumoto 5th Grade

2nd Place – “Feel the Burn” by Wayne Ano 5th Grade

2nd Place – “Do hand soaps and sanitizer prevent the growth of bread mold?” Jadine Pangelinan/ Layla Palacios 4th Grade

3rd Place – “Why should we use Eco-friendly products?” Kayla Larson 4th Grade

Level 3 (6th - 8th Grades)

1st Place – “Emergency Water Filter” by Asa Backe 6th Grade

2nd Place – “Corrosion of Metals” by Miles Thomas Linden 7th Grade

3rd Place – “Another Reason to Thwart Smoking” by Latisha Anne De Jesus 7th Grade

Level 4 (9th - 12th Grades)

1st Place – “Diamond Shadow” by Brent Matthew Ortizo 9th Grade

2nd Place – “Fats in your snacks: Which Household Snacks is the Healthiest” by Kyla Monique Cabrera 9th Grade

3rd Place – “Gun Control” by William De Leon Guerrero / Christian Aldan 12th Grade

Judges: Carey Demapan - DLNR; Leeroy Sablan - DLNR; Charlene Masiwemai - NMC School of Education - Math & Science; Lorna Liban - NMC instructor, chemistry; Viktoria Buniag – NMC-CREES aquaculture research assistant; Verna Sablan - Docomo Pacific Saipan; Richard R. Sablan - CHCC Public Health; Dr. Laura M. Taylor - NMC instructor, biology; Cathy Sablan - AlumKnight Association vice chair (Class of 1979); Samantha Birmingham-Babauta – NMC.

Fair coordinators: Eva Villar, Luz Baldazo, and their entire team.

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