Green Meadow School student tops NMI MathCourt

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AFTER five months of grueling competition, the local MathCourt organizers announced the top 10 in the CNMI-competition for sixth to eighth graders.

They are:

1) Joseph Victor Jimenez, Green Meadow School

2) Pony Tang, Hopwood Middle School

3) Tianwei Li, Agape Christian School

4) Enlin Hong, Eucon International School

5) Eunkyu Hong, Mount Carmel School

6) Tianya Wang, Eucon International School

7) Victor Santos, Eucon International School

8) William Lee, Saipan International School

9) Chealzka Navarro, Green Meadow School

10) Harry Song, Saipan International School

The top four students will represent the CNMI in the (INTER)2 SECT championship on April 4, 2020 in San Jose, California.

From left, Frederic Guintu, Saipan International School coach; Irish Ann San Nicolas, MathCourt administrator; Joseph Victor Jimenez, Green Meadow School student; Reo Arriola, MathCourt administrator; Pony Tang, Hopwood student; Tianwei Li, Agape Christian School student; Enlin Hong, Eucon International School student; Manny Borja, MathCourt administrator; and Janet Anicete, MathCourt administrator.  Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

The alternates are Eunkyu Hong, Tianya Wang, Victor Santos, and William Lee.

In an interview, Reo Arriola, one of the local MathCourt administrators, expressed confidence that Team CNMI will do well in the national competition.

“The [local] competition [MathCourt] itself has made sure that we select the top of the top and the format that we have had [in selecting the team] guarantees that we choose the best in the CNMI. We are happy with the students that we have chosen,” Arriola said.

Manny Borja, another MathCourt administrator, will be responsible for the team’s preparation and will serve as its coach.

“We will have some regular practices to refine their math skills and so they can work as a team together,” Borja said. “Our team is great. We have ‘veterans’ who have been on the team before. We think we’ll have a chance. We always do pretty well.”

For Jimenez, an eighth grader at Green Meadow School, this will be his fourth time to represent the CNMI in the national competition.

He was on Team CNMI in the elementary division twice, and in 2019, he was on the middle school team.

“I am really happy and relieved that I made it to the team again,” he said as he thanked his teachers and coaches, including Lisa Quiambao, for helping him prepare for the local MathCourt.

“I practiced a lot in school and at home. I also prayed a lot,” he said.

He has been joining the math competition since he was in first grade.

“My mother, Beth, is an engineer,” Jimenez said. “She loves math and she teaches us math. So I started [liking] math.”

He said math competitions require so much of his time and commitment, but these also afford him travels.

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