WSR holds STEM Fair

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WILLIAM S. Reyes Elementary School held its STEM Fair from Jan. 20 to 31 to select its representatives to the CNMI-wide competition set for March 13-14 at Marianas High School.

William S. Reyes Elementary School conducted a school-wide STEM Fair on Jan. 29 to 31, 2020 in the school cafeteria.  In photo are the morning session winners: Keziah Mallari, Aldric Antonio, and Marq Hernandez with the STEM Fair coordinators of the school.
The WSR STEM Fair afternoon session winners: Alyana Rotap, Ulrich Servito, and Evan Cabrera and the paper airplane competition winners Leelan Litulumar, Daniel Leemarvin, and Angelo Nabanuag.  Contributed photos

WSR second grade teacher Winnifred Cabrera said students Keiza Mallari, Aldric Antonio, Ulrich Servito, Evan Cabrera, and Alyana Rotap garnered the highest scores for their science projects during the WSR STEM Fair, and will represent the school in the CNMI competition.

Cabrera said the WSR students started working on their projects in December.

Each classroom conducted its own Science Fair, she added. “The teacher then graded each project and the student whose project received the highest score competed with the top projects from the other classrooms.”

Cabrera said, “A lot of our students this year were very [well] prepared. They were all interested in their projects and could respond to any questions. As soon as judges came around, the students [started] sharing how their projects came along.”

There were 28 projects in the general science category during the school-wide competition, she added.

List of WSR STEM Fair winners Morning session

(Kindergarten-2nd Grade)

• 1st Place – Blow up Balloon by Keziah Mallari, 2nd Grade

• 2nd Place – Homemade Hovercraft by Aldric Antonio, 2nd Grade

• 3rd Place – Lava in a Cup by Marq Hernandez, 2nd Grade

Afternoon session

3rd Grade-4th Grade

• 1st Place – Little CO2 Bubbles by Ulrich Servito, 4th Grade

• 2nd Place – Is Bigger Better? By Evan Cabrera, 4th Grade

• 3rd Place – DIY Solar Oven by Alyana Rotap, 5th Grade

WSR also launched its first paper airplane contest. There was a competition in each second to fifth grade classroom, and the winners then competed among themselves.

The students used a single piece of paper to make their paper airplanes. They also created a blueprint for their design.

The winners:

• 1st Place – Angelo Nabanuag, 5th Grade

• 2nd Place – Daniel Leemarvin, 4th Grade

• 3rd Place – Leelan Litulumar, 4th Grade

Nabanuag will represent WSR in the CNMI-wide competition in March.

WSR thanked the following for helping ensure the success of its STEM Fair: school counselor Rebecca Flores; Emma Iriarte and Iian Bubb of the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality; Viktoria Buniag of Northern Marianas College-Cooperative Research Extension and Educational Services; Rep. Tina Sablan; Marji Tarope of NMC; Denise Perez of Coastal Resources Management; and SSG Michael Ryan, Army recruiter.

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