AG’s office opposes granting parole to Edward Blas and Pedro Ilo Sablan

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THE Office of the Attorney General, through chief prosecutor John Bradley, strongly opposes the granting of parole to Pedro Ilo Sablan and Edward Blas.

Bradley told Variety that Sablan is a very dangerous sex offender who attacked a mentally challenged 14-year-old girl when he was supposed to be taking care of her in a shelter.

In 2011, Sablan was convicted of sexually assaulting the girl at the Division of Youth Services shelter where he was employed. He was sentenced to serve a 30-year prison term, all suspended except for 15 years.

Bradley said Sablan should serve his full sentence “so that no other child has to suffer like that,” referring to the victim.

Edward Blas, another parole applicant, was 16 years old when he was arrested with two other defendants for burglarizing Marianas High School and robbing and killing a security guard.

In Feb. 2011, Blas, through a plea agreement, was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment.

At the parole board hearing on Thursday at the Department of Corrections, Bradley spoke against granting Blas’s application for parole.

Bradley said during Blas’s time in the juvenile prison facility, “no treatment or punishment worked.”

Bradley said in committing the crime, Blas took a piece of metal rebar and repeatedly struck the head of a school security guard, just so he could steal property at school and buy marijuana.

“He continued beating the man even after his co-defendants told him to stop. There is simply nothing mitigating about this crime,” Bradley said.

“Applicant [Blas] made a deliberate decision to commit a cruel attack on a defenseless person for a few dollars to buy drugs,” Bradley added.

Blas, for his part, asked for forgiveness from his victim’s wife who was present at the parole hearing.

“I feel not worthy to ask forgiveness from you,” Blas said, addressing the victim’s wife. “I was not in the right state of mind.”

CNMI Board of Parole Chairman Ramon B. Camacho told Variety that besides Sablan and Blas there were five other parole applicants.

Camacho said they conducted parole hearings on Wednesday and Thursday.

“We will be deliberating, and the results should be out tomorrow [Friday] in the afternoon,” he added.

Camacho said they will also hold a press conference next week, either on Monday or Tuesday, to discuss the status of parolees: their employment, recidivism, and other related topics.

In anticipation of the new austerity measures, Camacho said he is hoping that Gov. Ralph DLG Torres and the Legislature will consider parole officers as officers of the law.

“Because their job can be tougher than a police officer’s,” said Camacho, a retired police major. “Parole officers deal with convicted felons whom they have to supervise and monitor.”

Besides Camacho, the other Board of Parole members present at the parole hearing on Thursday were Jose Camacho, Michael San Nicolas, Ignacio Mendiola, and Cecilia Selepeo.

The other parole applicants are Denmar Malabanan, Amado Kereman, Mario O. Sablan, Guan Qiu Wu, and Hu Biyu.

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