OVR announces partnerships with organizations that hire people with disabilities

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(OVR) — The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation is pleased to announce partnerships with the following local enterprises in a proud movement to promote the hiring, retention, and advancement of people with disabilities in the CNMI.

Taro Sue Store owner Yi Huei Lin, center, and manager Arlene Silva, right, with Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Director Maryann Borja-Arriola.
Vocational rehabilitation employment specialist  Naomi Tudela, left, with Sen. Sixto K. Igisomar, center, and Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Director Maryann Borja-Arriola.  Contributed photos

“At OVR, we offer multi-faceted resources all designed to help your organization promote the most positive employment results for people with disabilities,” OVR Director Maryann Borja-Arriola said.

“We are delighted that the following businesses have recognized the value that individuals with disabilities bring to the workplace. Further, we are happy that these local entities are challenging assumptions about people with disabilities and employment.”

Here are the following businesses that recently hired people with disabilities:

• Herman Cabrera & Associates

• Hyatt

• Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.

• Office on Aging

• Club 888

• Black Construction Corp.

• Pacific Medical Services Inc.

• American Red Cross

• RNV Construction

• Century Travel


• Office of the Saipan Mayor

“We truly believe it is crucial to see people with disabilities for who they are and what they can contribute to your organization, given the opportunity,” Borja-Arriola said.

“We are elated to have formed so many partnerships with local institutions, (both in the private and public sector), who have joined us in driving positive change for people with disabilities. It’s their contribution that matters most,” she added.

People with disabilities can work in warehouses, hospitals, software coding, hotels, restaurants, and other fields.

“They bring with them unique talents and characteristics that serve to enhance your organization,” Borja-Arriola said.

“Finding the right jobs, with the right people, will increase your bottom line.

“In addition, we want to change attitudes about hiring people with disabilities and challenge assumptions. Do you have any questions for us? Would you like to see how hiring people with disabilities can absolutely enrich your organization? Please contact OVR employment specialist Naomi R. Tudela at 322-6537/38 today for more beneficial information and guidance.”

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