Saipan fishing tourney generated $150K in economic activity, says Wayne Pangelinan

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AN estimated $150,000 in economic activity was generated by the last Saipan International Fishing Tournament, according to Wayne Pangelinan, Saipan Fishermen’s Association community outreach chairman.

“In 2019, we did a survey to find out how much did the event make for the CNMI,” he said. “A total of 70 boats entered the tournament — 21 from Guam and 49 from Saipan.”

Pangelinan said 15 of the 21 boaters from Guam participated in the survey.

“Based on the estimates they provided, the Guam based boaters spent about $110,000 for fuel expenses, hotel and transportation, airfare for family and friends, tournament-related expenses, and non-tournament activities,” he added. “Then we added the related costs of the 49 Saipan boaters at $1,000 each or $49,000.”

Pangelinan shared this information during the mixer event hosted by Saipan Fishermen’s Association on Jan. 16 at the Chambre Bar of Fiesta Resort & Spa.

“A lot of people don’t really understand how much money was brought to the CNMI by this event,” he said, referring to the fishing tournament.

Pangelinan said off-island participants who participated in the survey stated that they experienced great hospitality while on island.

“But with every positive response there are also negative responses,” he added.

These included the following:

“Fueling of vessels was the most troublesome experience. Parking for the vessels can be a little bit better. Some vessels couldn’t park until the derby was over. Vessels assigned a slip used for weighing fish were inconvenienced by the delay. Ice on both days were delivered late — we had to run our generator for 24 hours a day due to no shore power available.”

Some recommended “special hotel rates for participants.” Others said, “Fueling would be more convenient with onsite fueling station — help us with the fuel station.”

Pangelinan said he shared these comments and other information “so that we’ll know what we need to do to enhance our next fishing tournament.”

SFA’s upcoming events include the following:

Tim Perez, left, of Coral Reef Marine Center Guam with Saipan’s Advance Marine owner Masaaki Kobayashi at the Saipan Fishermen’s Association mixer event at the Chambre Bar of Fiesta Resort & Spa on Jan. 16, 2020.  Photo by Bryan Manabat

• Shoreline casting tournament, Jan. 25, 2020 at Minachom Atdao, 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.

• 1st Wahoo in the Marianas, Feb. 29, Smiling Cove Marina, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• 16th Mahi-Mahi Fishing Tournament, March 28, Smiling Cove Marina, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• 36th Saipan International Fishing Tournament, July 18-19, Smiling Cove Marina, 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pangelinan said as part of SFA fundraising activities, the association will raffle a 16-foot Morning Star boat. Tickets will cost $100 each.

Half of the money raised will help fund the tournament and the other half will benefit the SFA’s “Tasi to Table” Youth Fishing Club, Pangelinan said.

He added that Coral Reef Marine Center Guam, through Tim Perez, donated the 16-foot boat to SFA.

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