Green Meadow School Falcons are on the go!

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(Press Release) — “We swept the Choral Speaking category in the 3-5 division, teacher!” exclaimed one student after seeing the list of PGFC winners posted on the accomplishments bulletin board at Green Meadow School.

Teacher-coaches, parents, and PGFC participating students are excited for the upcoming regional competition on March 7, 2020.

On Jan. 11, 2020, the Falcons won top places at the PGFC meet held at Oleai Elementary School.

Green Meadow School students who participated in the recent Primary Grades Forensic Conference pose for a photo with their teachers.  GMS photo

Although most of GMS students are already qualified for the regional competition, their teacher-coaches still had them join this event prior to the final meet. This will ensure that the students are equipped and ready for the most awaited medal round.

The Falcons showed confidence and skill in each event they participated in. Their goal was to make their families proud by winning the top places in the competition.

GMS administration and teachers would like to thank all the parents and students who continue to support the school’s vision and mission.

Here is the complete GMS list of winners:

K-2 Division

Dramatic Interpretation

4th place-Roanne Palma-K-5 (GR)

5th place-Kaiser Manganti (1st gr.)

Reader’s Forum-A

4th place-Mary Joy Pasaylo (1st gr.)

Reader’s Forum-B

1st place-Roanne Palma K-5 (GR)

2nd place-Kaiser Manganti (1st gr.)


2nd place-Lanz Carmelo Salamat & Christine Joy Borbon (1st gr.)

Choral Speaking

1st place-Julianna Ortiz, Leyland Christopher Duenas, Jadynn Palacios, John Rafael Aguon, James Kisa K-5 (GR)

3rd place-Elijah Concepcion, Mary Joy Pasaylo, Johana Sarabia (1st gr.)

3-5 Division

Dramatic Interpretation

1st place-Nelisa Nicole Acaba (4th gr.)

3rd place-Rochelle Ann De Leon (4th gr.)

5th place-Angielea Anda (3rd gr.)

Humorous Interpretation A

3rd place-Paul Andrei Bernardo (3rd gr.)

Humorous Interpretation B

3rd place-Rhett Garth Agbayani- (4th gr.)

5th place-Rhyane R. Umali- (3rd gr.)

Impromptu A

3rd place- Jealexiz Torres (5th gr.)

Impromptu C

4th place-Trishtonhy Jean Duarte (5th gr.)

Reader’s Forum-B

2nd place-Jericho Hinolan (4th gr.)

Reader’s Forum C

2nd place-Jesse Amiel Din (3rd gr.)

Reader’s Forum MA

5th place-Jasper Alfred Shem Cabaobas (3rd gr.)

Reader’s Forum MD

1st place-Kyle Khaled Ladia (3rd gr.)


5th place-Rihanna De Leon, Andrea Remilloza (4th gr.)


3rd place-Isabella Marie Mallari & Nelisa Nicole Acaba (4th gr.)

5th place-Louise Manansala & Paula Angela Bernardo (5th gr.)

Choral Speaking

1st place-Jericho Hinolan, Rochelle Ann De Leon, John Galang, Andrea Remilloza (4th gr.)

2nd place-Angelo Larin, Rhett Garth Agbayani, Isabella Marie Mallari, Sander Dalle Guerzon (4th gr.)

3rd place-Vimarie Alna Alfeche, Louise Manansala, Cody Ryan Santos, Jonathan Borja, Tristan Yanto (5th gr.)

4th place-Avei Miguel Aumentado, Jasper Alfred Shem Cabaobas, Dorsan James Santos, Kyle Khaled Ladia, Paul Andrei Bernardo (3rd gr.)

5th place-Jillian Jade Concepcion, Cheyann Melidean Concepcion, Iyanah Ranin, Alexa Ralene Panganiban, Princess Lourdes Lopez (5th gr.)

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