Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 77: Politics is personal & Independents

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I KNOW that there are many people who would like to see me use a more cordial approach in my writing and that I would even make my Epitaphs shorter.

Ambrose Bennett

Well, being a person who actually grew up in the Civil Rights Movement it is hard to try and make the racism and corruption that Local leaders aspire to nice as sugar coating these issues would not do them justice. Being a person who has been literally stabbed in the back by our Governor and being treated with disdain by others in his administration did contribute to my Epitaphs because the Governor’s politics became PERSONAL to me. But NO ONE can say that I have been lying which means I have been telling the TRUTH regardless of how it sounds.

I learned from my many mentors like Dr. King who NEVER really got to see the results of his work come to fruition which is why I’m not worrying about seeing the end results of my efforts to make our leaders live up to the values of our Democracy by FIXING our dysfunctional Government that has become a dead Democracy. I’m sure if locals had gone through what I have gone through growing up only to face it again here in the CNMI just in a different from that their politics would also be PERSONAL to them. In fact, it is truly in the best interest of the CNMI for ALL voters to start taking our politics PERSONALLY because if voters can’t “SEE or FEEL” what our Governor and his administration have done or failed to do for YOU then YOU should also be taking our politics PERSONAL. I’m sure the People saw and felt austerity but I beg to ask them what have they seen or felt that was prosperity for them lately? I already know the answer is nothing as WE the People only see some form of prosperity when election season comes around and I think everyone who is informed knows WHY — it’s all about keeping POWER!

Even the business sector should be fed up with the FAILED work of the GOP to keep the CWs that we need and it seems that ONLY Kilili is doing something to keep as many CWs as possible yet our Governor has been fighting against him even trying to get one of his emissaries to beat him in the past election. If the Governor had really cared about the People he would be doing all he could to work WITH Kilili but it’s really common knowledge that he does not want to work with Kilili but businesses and the entire CNMI pays the terrible cost for his personal politics. He can’t even be bipartisan and professional enough in working with Kilili just to try and save as much of the CW workforce as possible! The business community should start taking it personal with the Governor’s failure to work with Kilili.

We see people in the news all the time writing to the Governor about something he did WRONG and hopefully voters won’t forget come midterm election. But what about the overwhelming majority who didn’t take it personal what the Governor and his administration have done and even failed to do! Our Governor has been careful not to turn “voting blocs” against him like the retirees but for the folks in the cheap seats he could care less. Heck our Governor has NEVER come forward to even apologize for the implementation of austerity as he just put people and FEMA out front for damage control. Our Governor is NOT a PERSONAL Governor who cares about us regular folks which is why we only hear from him when he is PERSONALLY affected like when he wrote a letter to the editor about the hacking of his Social Media account that he cared soooo more about than what he did to us with austerity — not even a hint of an apology! He is following the OLD Political Play Book of not admitting anything wrong when WRONG is all around him and now the Feds can even smell it and are digging it ALL up figuratively. We the People must all take the Governor’s and the Legislature’s politics personal as they are clearing treating us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats like we are fools who can’t read Kandit News.

Our Governor used to get on the radio trying to make us feel like he was putting a PERSONAL touch on his leadership but that didn’t last long because time trouble came around the corner he didn’t want to face any accountability over the radio so that was the end of that FAKE personal touch. One of the greatest Presidents in the history of America, who was a Democrat I might add, gave a fireside talk to HIS people all the time even during the War putting a real PERSONAL TOUCH on his leadership that led to him being elected FOUR times. But our Governor nor his GOP see ALL of us as their people only the “FOREVER Torres and FOREVER GOP” group are the ones who directly benefit from this administration and the best example of that is how our Governor treated his Cabinet Members FIRST with pay after the Typhoon but didn’t do squat to help the First Responders get paid when they should have been FIRST, not last — for TRUE! It’s all about HIM and HIS GOP Crew FIRST and then the rest of us can get the left-overs if there are any — for TRUE!

One day the Local People are going to start taking our Politics personal and then we will see the protest and the change in leadership that is so badly needed. Everyone should be taking the embarrassment brought on by the Governor very PERSONAL. He has already given us all a “black-eye” with a RICO Investigation and it looks like a shot in the heart for all of us with the fraudulent receipt scam that was such a petty thing to do for a man of his statue — for TRUE!

INDEPENDENTS are at the Perfect place in Time to help resurrect our dead Democracy!

The Democrats can only do the OF and FOR the People but the Independents are needed to do their part in creating a two-party system and voters will have to do their share to complete the Democratic phrase of BY the People. It should be easy for voters once the Feds are finished with our Governor and we all know what must be done about the GOP Legislature that misuse funds too and just let the Governor lie and mislead the People without any oversight, which is why it is the perfect point in space and time for the Independents to join the Democrats. The GOP has literally blown their chances for re-election and the Democrats and Independents really can’t afford to be oppositions to each other cancelling out votes.

The CNMI should have all kinds of things and attractions going on within our Tourist Industry by now but the GOP only wanted something for themselves, their politics and their families — so they spent over a decade on getting the casino. Heck, the FBI is proving this very point for us now with the RICO Investigation on how the Governor and his Party & supporters were working for themselves and their families not the People. The Independents can be the KEY to resurrecting our dead Democracy which is the highest calling any real dedicated politician can aspire too. A UNIFIED Democrat Party will also UNIFY ALL the People who are embarrassed and disappointed by our Governor and the People of the CNMI deserve better government. Political Science and even the history with Governor Fitial dictated our GOP won’t hold the Governor accountable but I’m just glad there is a growing number of People who are just waiting to do their thing in the voting booth. Political Science also dictates that the unification of the Independents into the Democrat Party will surely lead to landslide victories for ALL Democrats with a majority in the Legislature — a sure DREAM for Independents. “Politics is the ULTIMATE Team Sport” so Independents PLEASE join the Democrat Team as you are at the perfect point in space and time to truly become CNMI Political Sheroes/Heroes! To be continued: One People One Direction!

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.


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