Epitaph of CNMI’s democracy | 76: ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ — guilty or foolishness!

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♪ (SING) “I can see clearly now the Feds have come and it’s going to be a BRIGHT-BRIGHT BRIGHT sunshiny Commonwealth!”

Like many other citizens I had soooo many concerns and unanswered questions until the Feds came and then came Kandit who delivered even Local crimes for ALL to see. For those who can’t see the Governor’s alleged crimes then I don’t know what to say or do to cure your ignorance. Hopefully the blind will one day see and the deaf will one day hear the truth that will convince them about the Governor’s “receipt-reimbursement scheme” that seems to be ongoing on Kandit dating back years of fraud and freeloading side trips to Boise on OUR dollars — for TRUE!

I certainly hope and PRAY that voters are now wide AWAKE and can SEE CLEARLY NOW how they have been “BAMBOOZOLED” by our Governor given all the revelations that are coming out about the Federal Investigation and the many counts of “fraud” allegedly committed by the Governor. I am singing because I am extremely hopefully readers, especially voters, can also see CLEARLY NOW! I know many readers may have thought prior to the FBI raids that I was just running my mouth with no real substance to what I was saying about the Governor allegedly illegally using OUR dollars but the TRUTH is now CLEARY on the horizon and in the documentation of the Federal Investigation.

I never thought that I could enjoy seeing the Governor getting into trouble but I KNEW the Governor deserves to be indicted and convicted as this has been a LONG TIME COMING given Kandit is showing crimes that are YEARS old! Having been personally adversely affected by our corrupt Governor I just can’t help myself being filled with JOY to see some form of vengeance for me filled with vindication being conducted by MY Federal Government and Kandit News! I had left it up to God and he has delivered in grand DIVINE fashion as the Feds were like ANGELS for me.

It is also CLEAR that this Federal Investigation and Kandit News DO NOT make our Attorney General look good at all and many voters I’ve talked with see his lack of action as a bad mark on his record to let all these crimes go unchecked by his office literally right under his nose as his office is on the same floor with the Governor. People can see clearly now and I don’t think the AG will be able to run unopposed again after this because he is giving the impression of FAILING to protect and serve us folks from the corruption of the Governor. I like Judge Manibusan and I’m still hoping he will now at least say something about the exposed fraud by the Governor and WHY the GOP members in the Legislature are trying to keep their misuse of Government funds a secret. I truly want to believe the AG is an honest & fair man but us-folks-in-the-cheap-seats can CLEARLY see that something is just not right about the lack of anything coming from our AG. But I still have high hopes of this picture changing as “time is truly on the side of the People in the cheap seats”

WE (all citizens) should be singing “I can see clearly now the Feds have come and it’s going to be a bright-bright-bright sunshiny Commonwealth” because we have a chance now to really get rid of corruption by the GOP in our Government and we may even find REAL Prosperity now that the criminals are being exposed. WE the People can see clearly now that we only got sunshine during election season under the GOP and that’s a FACT Jack!

Guilty or Foolishness

I notice there are those who are calling for the “innocent until proven guilty” ideal of our Judiciary system and certainly it’s their prerogative. But for the people to totally ignore the undefendable evidence on the Governor committing fraud would be foolish at the very least. I also guess those who want to stick with the innocent argument don’t give any credit to Kandit News nor the Judge and the FBI for doing their due-diligence to recognized the high probability of guilt. I do respect the “innocent until proven guilty” ideal of our Justice System having been wrongfully charged before but there is a big difference when a person is caught literally with the smoking gun still smoking over the dead person they just shot. Yes, that person is innocent until proven guilty as they may have a genuine “insanity defense” but our Governor is not insane and in fact the opposite thinking he could out-smart our Governance system and the People of the CNMI.

IF and only IF, the many fraudulent reimbursements are some-how magically proven legitimate I will be the first to vote for an acquittal. IF by some magically proven way the IPI Investors are not foreigners putting money into our Political System I will be the first to acquit. IF it is proven in some magical fashion the Governor hasn’t committed numerous violations of the CNMI Ethics codes of the CNMI I will not be for Impeachment NOW! But at this point in time when the Governor hasn’t given any kind of explanation for the many reimbursements one can only assume he is guilty. Guilt is just an opinion at this point but to wait for the Courts to say guilt is factual given the proof has already been exposed would be like telling yourself you can’t think straight, duh! There is also the fact about our Judicial process is that the defendant DOES NOT have to take the stand but when that happens it more than likely cast a shadow of guilt when one does not want to speak up in their own defense. I’m sure if there is a jury for the Governor, they will ALL know about the receipts scam and will have to remain impartial with open minds until they are proven crimes in court which is the funny part. The Governor has already stated and certified the documents by Kandit of his fraudulent reimbursements as being the real documents virtually certifying that he committed fraud. So what are WE the People to think — guilty or play the foolish card of innocent until proven guilty that no one with common sense who has seen the evidence will believe.

There is also the Federal Investigation that was started based on real facts that implicate the Governor in MAJOR organized crimes — and that’s crime with an S! At the very least given a Judge has signed off on the RICO allegations, WE the People should KNOW the Governor has absolutely crossed the “ethical threshold” for violating our Ethics Codes for a Federal Investigation to ensue and along with the Local fraud crimes which are clearly grounds for impeachment. WE, the CNMI, have passed the first step of Censure and have already reached the point of Impeachment for the Governor, that is IF the Legislature was really doing its job to place a check on the Governor’s activities. If things don’t change, WE the People can see clearly that the CNMI is going to look soooo foolish when the Feds indict and convict while our own Justice System doesn’t do a darn thing! WE can see clearly now — as the rain, of justice, has finally come thanks to the Feds! To be continued: One People One Direction.

The writer is a resident of Kagman, Saipan.


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